Prinya: Battle of Prandel

Nov 5, 2016

Battle of Prandel


  1. hi prii,

    how is redstone doing?
    ive played it years ago and now im intrested in coming back.

    is it worth it?
    do you have lots of gvgs?

    im not into roleplaying and stuff like that, i just like pvp/sw and leveling.

    ty, gz on ur nice blog.

    1. Red Stone is worth playing yes.
      You should, pm me in-game on my char Omniscient.
      It is worth playing yes.
      We do not have lots of GvG but we do set them up sometimes. Last Saturday we had 2 host guilds that hosted a GvG, anyone can come (but you probably need a strong character first).
      No need to roleplay.
      Thank you :)