Prinya: Archer Awakening

Sep 16, 2016

Archer Awakening

Sharp Shooter

Quick Reload [A] [Passive]
Passively increases your attack speed by 20%.

Interval Bomber [4] [Interval Shooter]
Fire 7 arrows into the sky, the arrows will rain down consecutively 3 times on the next enemy you deal damage to, dealing 125%(+25%) physical damage for each arrow fired.
- 0.25 seconds cooldown between arrows fall.
- 7.5%(+1.5%) increased accuracy.
- While in the air, the arrows will last for 60(+10) seconds.
- Consumes 105(+15) CP.
- Charges 100(+20) CP.

Stalker Arrow [2] [Seeker]
Fire a seeker arrow at your target, dealing 110%(+20%) physical damage.
- +5% critical hit chance.
- Damage increases based on your level (2 × level).
- 100% accuracy.
- Will never miss regardless of circumstances.
- Weapon range.
- Consumes 40(+5) CP.
- Charges 40(+8) CP.

Deadly Chaser [5] [Chaser]
After damage has been dealt with any arrow ability, there's a 95%(+10%) chance you will fire 11(+2) heat seeking arrows towards your target, dealing damage based on 75% 85% of damage dealt prior.
- Damage dealt for each arrow is based on the damage dealt by the arrow prior to the next one, including arrows fired by Chaser.
- Damage caused by Chaser can not be modified by offensive power,
- Your first shot will always be the base for the damage dealt by Chaser.
- Chaser cannot deal more damage than your current maximum damage based on the Breaking the Limit title.
- 100% accuracy.
- Will never miss regardless of circumstances.
- Max 12 arrows can be fired.
- Weapon range.
- Consumes 200(+30) CP.
- Charges 100(+20) CP.

Arcane Marksman

Swift Learner [A] [Passive]
Passively gives you 1 knowledge for every 2 levels.

Gliding Blaze [4] [Raining Fire]
Fire an arrow into the sky, the arrow splits and rains down as magma on enemies in the target location for 4 seconds, dealing 195-215 fire damage over 4 hits.
- The magma on the ground increases allies magical damage by 25% for 30 seconds.
- The magma decreases enemies fire resistance by -25%.
- The magma remains on the ground for a while dealing continuous damage to enemies in the area.
- 300 radius.
- Consumes 210(+30) CP.
- Charges 0 CP.

Returning Arrows [4] [Explosive Chain]
Fire 8(+0.5) arrows in the target direction, the arrows will ride along the ground, dealing 150%(+30%) physical damage and 155-165 fire damage to all targets struck.
- The arrows returns to you after reaching the end, dealing the same damage as they return.
- 450(+30) range.
- Consumes 220(+30) CP.
- Charges 175(+35) CP.

Ward Post [5] [Guardian Post] [Lancer Skill]
Drive your spear into the ground, summoning a ward post for 80(+15) seconds that will attack 42(+8) times. The ward post will attack all targets within radius for 40-240 wind damage and 1-421 light damage every 1 second.
- Light damage has a chance to lower the targets accuracy and avoidance.
- Forces you to switch to your bow.
- Deals equal damage to all enemies regardless of distance from the ward post.
- Consumes 200(+20) CP.
- Charges 0 CP.

Launching Ambusher

Toughness [A] [Passive]
Passively gives you 5 hit points every level.

Great Albastross [3] [Spear Arrow]
Fire your spear at your target, dealing 425%(+80%) physical damage.
- You will no longer need to pick up your Spear after use.
- Damage calculations exclude arrow properties.
- Damage calculations will be as if you were using your Spear as an arrow.
- 10% less attack speed.
- 10%(+2%) increased accuracy.
- Weapon range.
- Consumes 130(+20) CP.
- Charges 40(+50) CP.

Bone Squasher [3] [Bone Crusher]
Fire an arrow at your targets legs, dealing 320%(+60%) physical damage.
- 51% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds.
- After use, Great Albastross will have a 100% double critical strike chance for 5 seconds.
- Damage calculations exclude arrow properties.
- Melee range.
- Consumes 60(+10) CP.
- Charges 100(+20) CP.

Mistress Mirror [5] [Misty Mirror] [Lancer Skill]
Command you spear to protect a friendly target, sets their block chance to 45%(+6%) 50%(+10%) for 520(+60) seconds.
- Max 60% 70% block chance without blocking capability.
- Maximum 85% block chance with blocking capability.
- Can block a maximum of 12(+2) hits per second.
- Consumes 370 CP.

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