Prinya: Suggestions & Bugs

Aug 22, 2016

Suggestions & Bugs

Everything written here will be reported to L&K Logic Korea directly, if you have any suggestions or want to point out any bugs feel free to leave a comment.

To view the suggestions and bugs already sent to L&K, click here.

L&K Reply:
(Reduce price of Redistribution Scrolls). 
What do you think would be the appropriate price? In fact, it's difficult to lower the price that is already fixed. We'll try to have more events related to the items more ofren. 

(Running game as administrator).
Running the game as administrator is somewhat inevitable as the admission of Windows is needed to install new patches. We hope for your understanding.

(Expired premium items remains in the shopping cart).
It remains in the shopping cart even if you put it out to your inventory to let users use it with different characters in the same account. 

(Inconsistent data from server).
We'll try to reproduce this bug. But it's not easy to have this bug appear, video clip will be appreciated to identify the problem.

(All expiration items expire 1 hour too late). 
It's due to daylight savings time. Hope for your understanding regarding this matter.

(Sometimes when damage from a knowledge skill exceeds an insanely high amount, the damage text displays much lower numbers than it should). The skills you mentioned works out for monsters but not for scarecrows. We relayed it to the development team. We'll let you know through a posting after we fix this.


• New suggestions in comments please.


• If worm bite triggers on you from a creature and you destroy it, the client will think you are taking the damage you dealt to the worm bite.

• Sometimes after killing a boss in Trial Dungeon you wont get teleported to the next area.
- image.png


  1. I agree all of this. and some of agressive mobs now are not attacking like in molinar tower and 1 spot in def hill spider. gsd b7 to the run out fast cant even lot even half of the drops

    1. They remade Molinar Tower completely in a recent patch so that might be the cause of this. Molinar Tower is much better now than it was before though.

  2. I believe it's bug also the fact that necromancer's pets can't keep the NPC's buffs when change maps

  3. Except that the "quiver" is a spear-thrower... meant for lancers not for archers.

    Intended for throwing spears/javelins; Not for holding your arrows.

    1. My fault, it actually kinda looks like a quiver so I just thought Google Translate was having a seizure when they were translating their game.

  4. NPC buffs isn't only removed on Necromancer's pets but also Tamer's :) just saying

    1. i never experience this on my tamer pets at all.. I have no problem with this

    2. Changed it back to only Necromancers.

  5. - Fix the clock (for example: My item expires at 09:05 but it disappear at 10:05, same thing with gvgs)
    - Change Dull Scythe DX name, coz isn't DX

  6. Yo Bomi can you E-mail your Skype I had to remake mine ps this is LEGIT... PSS: DELETE THIS ONCE YOU SEE THIS :D

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  8. GSD B3 Bugged can't see npc

  9. Suggestion: Bring back extractors and mirrors.