Prinya: Japan/Korea PvP Balance Update

Nov 6, 2015

Japan/Korea PvP Balance Update

= Guild Wars / Siege Wars =
+ Damage taken in guild wars and siege wars increased by 80%.
+ Maximum elemental resistance in guild wars and siege wars is now 70%. Absorb is unchanged.

 Throwing Bottle
- Some of the damage no longer goes through Block abilities such as Misty Mirror and Shield of Magical Protection.

 Magic Lancer

 Entrapment Piercing
+ Can now summon up to 12 illusions in siege war / guild wars. However, if the number of illusions is 9 or more, the number of illusions on the skill description will remain 8. Max is 8 on normal maps.

+ Skill level 65 => 9 illusions
+ Skill level 75 => 10 illusions
+ Skill level 85 => 11 illusions
+ Skill level 95 => 12 illusions (max)

= Items =

 Ring of Remembrance (Soul Guard)
Damage now goes through Soul Guard to apply effects. While Soul Guard is on you only take 1 damage from all sources.

 Brave Battle Axe
Direct copy of Apachian with 70-80 O.P and 1.00 speed.

 Brave Bow
Direct copy of Apachian with 84-92 O.P and 1.50 speed.


  1. wouldnt this make gvg and sw a 1hit fest? lol.

    nice to see RS is still going,

    1. I don't think so really, in Japan people are gonna have to adjust their builds to be more defensive. On our server, I think it would be a good change.

  2. hows redstone ? if its good im planning to try again

  3. Princess needs more nerfs