Prinya: Red Stone 12th anniversary

Jun 30, 2015

Red Stone 12th anniversary

Equipment Rental
• Duration: July 2nd ~ September 24th
• You can rent 36 unique items for 24 hours from Kuger in Brunenstig (99,115) for 500 gold each.
• Items that can be rented are:
Victory Headband [Helmet]
Tapeshader [Cape]
Hands of Adversary
Troll Fleece [Armor]
Lucidhelm [Helmet]
Hero's Proof [Cape]
Massgrip [Gloves]
Dream of Pleabian [Armor]
Dark Visor [Helmet]
Holy Stroll [Cape]
Brief Marker [Bangle]
Moonlight Stalker [Armor]
Crimson Hat [Helmet]
Spiral Buckle [Belt]
Close Chaser [Bangle]
Buddy Trust [Squire/Warrior Class Armor]
First Winner Coronet [Circlet]
Beinerbill [Belt]
The Strider [Boots]
Hard Fist [Ring]
Honor of Heaven [Circlet]
Chain Square [Belt]
Thousand Shoes [Boots]
Seal of Brune [Ring]
Phoenix Medal [Necklace]
Anti Charger [Belt]
Spirit of Commercial [Boots]
Engagement Ring of Tartkraft [Ring]
Devilneck [Necklace]
Form Guard [Gloves]
Remains of Trall [Armor]
Necrocavity [Earring]
Shadow Emblem [Necklace]
Butterfly Sting [Gloves]
Depth of Goddess [Earring]

Balloon Event
• Duration: July 2nd ~ August 13th
• Collect balloons by hunting monsters 100 levels above or below your own.
Red Balloon You will gain x10 EXP randomly
Yellow Balloon   You will gain x10 Item Drop rate randomly
Blue Balloon You will gain Fiery Enchant and Haste buff effect by using it.
Pink Balloon You will gain x3 EXP randomly

Party Rush
• Duration:
Week 1:   July 4th 15:00 ~ 17:00    and     July 5th 17:00 ~ 19:00
Week 2:   July 11th 15:00 ~ 17:00    and July 12th 17:00 ~ 19:00
Week 3:   July 18th 15:00 ~ 17:00    and July 19th 17:00 ~ 19:00
Week 4:   July 25th 15:00 ~ 17:00    and July 26th 17:00 ~ 19:00

• During the event period, grinding with a party will grant you bonus experience from each monster you kill.
• Party members / bonus experience:
◦ Party of 2 / 30% exp increase
◦ Party of 3 / 60% exp increase
◦ Party of 4 / 90% exp increase
◦ Party of 5 / 120% exp increase
◦ Party of 6 / 150% exp increase
◦ Party of 7 / 180% exp increase
◦ Party of 8 / 210% exp increase

THE QUEEN Of Demon Sorceress
• Duration: July 2nd ~ August 27th
• Demon Sorceress EXP Boost badge will be available in the cash shop for 98 points, it grant you double experience gained from all monsters you kill.
• 10 players that manage to get first rebirth during this time will be chosen randomly and will be able to choose from:
Swimsuit Costume
Eternal Rage VII (7)
Naples the Death Lord unique class armor

Sale on Minipet items 
• Duration: July 2nd ~ July 16th
◦ Two-Sided Frame 30% off [65p -> 46p]
◦ EX Polisher 30% off [35p -> 25p]
◦ Fruits of Awakening 30% off [65p -> 46p]
◦ Reflecting Shard 30% off [26p -> 19p]
◦ Deep Pocket 30% off [28p -> 20p]


  1. It will be nice to have rental items back ^^
    Thanks for the post, Bomi

  2. And I cant even get on. *rapidly smashes my head into a wall*