Prinya: No Extractors & Mirrors

May 21, 2015

No Extractors & Mirrors

Reasons we should not have extractors or mirrors available.

 More character customization

 Removes items from the market
 Takes from the poor and gives to the rich
 Pay to win
 Makes the game easier
 People reach endgame faster

If someone can give me one really good reason(s) that would change my mind about this, please leave it in the comments.


  1. The reason they don't, and probably won't do away with mirrors and extractors is because they make so much money off of them. The least they could do is make a way for people without money, or people who don't want to spend the money on the game a way to get it by grinding for it. Like a way to get "astro" like currency that you can farm through some method, whether it just be random drops or what have you that could be used for the same things you can get with real currency.

    1. L&K is known for balancing and making decisions based on the future of the game, extractors & mirrors can make a huge amount of money but that slowly diminishes when people start leaving the game as people don't buy portal spheres anymore. You can only squeeze a set amount of money from players until they run out, it's important not to squeeze to much.

  2. "We had considered the balance and have decided to stop selling the items that you mentioned. Thank you for your opinion smile emoticon" - a quote from the main facebook page. in the chat thing on the left hand side :P

    mirrors and extractors are not coming back....not unless LnK do a 180.
    they are not needed.....ppl did more than fine without them on the old k2 server....and ppl will find a way to live without them now.
    putting them as MQ rewards could work but idk.

    1. I do not agree with putting them as rewards, the MQ rewards are terrible as it is. A mix box costs 11 red stones and 1,000,000,000 gold and extractor & mirror is worth like 6 times as much.

  3. agree with no extractors and mirrors so that all can play and enjoy the game unlike ogp.. thats why no people playing rs before because of that.. only rich people enjoy the game..

  4. What do you think about mix box?
    Personally, I hope they release just mixbox :P

    1. No, it's possible to get from main quest already.

  5. I would kinda say extractors and mirrors offered less character customization not more...

    Remember how we had squires on old server with good avoidance, good attack speed, good damage, good hp, shortly saying - good everything.

    In pre-mixing server they had to pick what they want to be - tank, damage or avoidance. I think it goes the same way with thieves - had to choose either they want to be avoid or damage.

  6. Honestly, they should make a [U] Mirror / Extractor that's like 10% but does not destroy the item if fails but it only drops from monsters with the same drop rates as uniques.