Prinya: Lancer Guide

May 18, 2015

Lancer Guide

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The Lancer
Is the epitome of area damage, their huge radius on Elemental Force makes them one of the easiest class in the game to grind with. Having an extremely strong awakening that increases their area damage by enourmous amounts and lets them kill any monster with ease. Their activation skills gives them their defense and their utility skills gives them all the movement they need to escape any fight without dying. Their only problem is their addiction to CP potions.

Single Target Damage: ★ ★   ☆
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Defense: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Movement: ★ ★   ☆
Difficulty:   ☆ ☆ ☆
Speciality: AoE Damage

 Huge radius on area of effect damage
 Enormous amounts of area of effect damage
 Activation skills gains CP
 Extreme utility with their movement skills
 Top strongest awakenings in the game
 Easy to level up
 Low CP consumption
 Easy to play

 Very slow attack speed [Power]
 Needs high amount of charisma for Arm Tattoos

Rapid Sting is your CP gainer, it has really high attack speed and is great for gaining CP and auto attacking for the power side.
Spear of Surprise can be used for area of effect damage, just lure mobs and spam it whenever theres mobs around you. It will attack your main target and all targets around you.
Entrapment Piercing is your main single target damage skill for power, it hits one target a maximum of 8 times for high amounts of damage.
Massive Twister should be used to move around or deal area of effect damage.
Eternal Projector can be used to deal massive amounts of single target damage, it's an Archer skill that summons your bow to strike your target.

Elemental Force is your bread and butter skill, it deals a huge amount of damage to mostly all targets on your screen, when it's awakened it hits twice and have 120% weaken magic with earth arm tattoo.
Conductivity can be used to electrify and pull mobs, instead of using Elemental Force as it freezes targets.
Ground Shaker can be used to stun targets when they're close.
Guardian Post can be used for knowledge Archers to increase their damage output.

Wheel Running should be used to move around, it costs less CP than Massive Twister but doesn't deal damage.

Side Step is an activation skill that will decrease the damage you take. Very good for hunting as it gains CP.
Breaking Point same as Side Step, decreases damage you take, very good for hunting as it gains CP. You should get some blocking speed or it will stun you.
Distraction should be used whenever you're running through lots of mobs or in PvP vs Archers, Demons, Necromancers etc.

Belief can be used as a CP gainer or increase your damage, when awakening it's far more superior and lasts 60 seconds and also increases magic damage.
Misty Mirror is Archers main source of defense, it's good for when you're higher level and can switch between Archer and Lancer.


LevelLocationRespawn Time
Cancer's Windpipe B3
50 minutes
'Di' Dungeon in Rivermouth B2
60 minutes
Swep Tower 8F
5 hours and 38 minutes
Southern Trum Forest
Swep Tower B6
7 hours and 38 minutes
Digged Up Ossuary B6
9 hours and 38 minutes
Cave of Cursed Mizna B2
10 hours and 38 minutes
Golden Swamp Cave B3
11 hours and 45 minutes
Forest of Time 3
12 hours and 50 minutes

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
 Knowledge - Improves magic damage.
• Health - Increases health points, defense and potion recovery speed.
 Luck - Increases accuracy, avoidance, increases minimum damage and improves item drops.
 Power - Improves physical damage.
 Alacrity - Increases accuracy and avoidance.
• Charisma - Improves your resistances and increases your charge points.
 Wisdom - Improves your resistances, elemental resistances and experience gain.

1» Guardian
Knowledge - 2 each level
Health - 1 each level
Charisma - 1 each level until 324 then knowledge

2» Halberdier
Power - 2 each level
Luck - 1 each level
Health - 1 each level until 100 then luck

All skills are based of skill level 50
Scaling is based of 10 skill levels

 Piercing Spear [1]
Stab the target with your spear, dealing 100%(+20%) physical damage.
- Gains 22 CP.

 Desert Blast [1]
Spin your spear around, dealing 10(+2) physical damage plus -50%(+0%) physical damage to all targets within 75 radius.
- Consumes 10 CP.

 Rapid Sting [2]
Stab the target with your spear, dealing 110%(+20%) physical damage with 50%(+8%) increased attack speed and 20%(+3%) accuracy.
- Gains 40 CP

 Dart [1]
Throw your spear at the target, dealing 450%(+80%) physical damage with 10% accuracy and equips your bow for 20(-6) seconds.
- 450 range.
- Gains 40 CP.

 Illusive Spear [2]
Throw your spear at the target, dealing 500%(+80%) physical damage and 55-155 light damage, equips your bow for 20(-6) seconds and reduces the targets accuracy and avoidance for 6(+1) seconds.
- 450 range.
- Gains 75 CP.

 Javelin Tempest [3]
Throw your spear at the target, dealing 150%(+10%) wind damage.
- 400 range.
- Damage decreases the further away the target is, down to a minimum of 60% and maximum of 150%.
- Uses 150 CP.

 Breaking Point [1]
Activation skill, sets your base chance to block at 45%(+6%).
- Does not stack with other base block chance effects.
- Slow blocking speed.
- Charges 20 CP.
- Consumes 15 CP.

 Side Step [2]
Activation skill, every time you're struck with a single hit skill you have a 45%(+5%) chance to avoid that hit.
- Charges 30 CP.
- Consumes 30 CP.
- Moves you around when hit.

 Turning Stand [2]
Activation skill, every time you're struck you have a 83%(+10%) chance to spin your spear around, pushing back and have a 66% chance to stun all enemies within 100 radius for 0.75 seconds.
- Charges 100 CP.
- Consumes 50 CP.

 Armor Destroyer [3]
Activation skill, every time you're struck you have a 65%(+10%) chance to reduce the striking targets defense by 75% for 17(+3) seconds.
- Consumes 65 CP.

 Distraction [4]
Activation skill, every time you're struck by a single hit skill you have a 60%(+8%) chance to summon a copy of yourself that taunts nearby targets, the copy lasts 50(+8) seconds and have 200%(+20%) of your original hp.
- Consumes 110 CP.
- Only taunts once when it's summoned.
- Taunts players in PvP.

 Circling Stab [1]
Spin your spear around and stab your target, dealing 50%(+10%) physical damage and another 60%(+4%) physical damage based on the original hit. Pushes all enemies except the main target within 75 radius away from you.
- Charges 15 CP.

 Spear of Surprise [2]
Spin your spear around, dealing 110%(+20%) physical damage to all targets close to you. Teleports you to your target and deals 65%(+3%) physical damage based on the original hit.
- Charges 23 CP.

 Wheel Running [2]
Spin your spear and move swiftly to the target location, all enemies that you encounter are pushed back and stunned for 0.5 seconds.
- Consumes 5 CP

 Whirling Assault [3]
Spin your spear and move swiftly to the target location, dealing 150%(+20%) physical damage to all enemies you encounter and pushes them back.
- Consumes 30 CP.
- Cannot be blocked.

 Massive Twister [4]
Summon 6(+1) illusions that all spins to the target location in a wedge-shaped battle formation, dealing 425%(+70%) physical damage to all enemies you encounter and pushes them back.
- Consumes 105 CP.
- Cannot be blocked.

 Ground Shaker [2]
Drive your spear into the ground, dealing 90-130 land damage to all targets within 300 radius. Have a 65%(+5%) chance to stun them for 5.3(+1) seconds.
- Damage decreases the further away the target is, down to a minimum of 50% and maximum of 130%.
- Consumes 35 CP.

 Conductivity [3]
Conjure a wave of electricity that travels outwards in an area around you, dealing 80-160 wind damage and 1-161 light damage to all targets within 480(+50) radius and decreases their accuracy and avoidance for 6.5(+1) seconds.
- Maixmum 27(+5) targets.
- Consumes 75 CP.

 Elemental Force [4]
Spin your spear around, dealing 216-240 fire damage and 179-187 water damage to all targets within 500(+40) radius and have a 50% chance to freeze them for 6(+1) seconds.
- Damage increases the further away the target is, down to a minimum of 50% and maximum of 130%.
- Consumes 125 CP.

 Guardian Post [5]
Drive your spear into the ground, summoning a guardian post for 80(+15) seconds that will attack 42(+8) times. The guardian post will attack the target that you attack for 40-240 wind damage and 1-421 light damage every 1 second. Also decreases targets accuracy and avoidance for 11(+2) seconds.
- Equips your bow.
- Damage decreases the further away the target is, down to a minimum of 40% and maximum of 120%.
- Consumes 200 CP.

 Entrapment Piercing [3]
Summon 7(+1) illusions to strike the target for 92% physical damage with -5% accuracy.
- Maximum 8 illusions.
- Consumes 130 CP.
- Charges 10 CP.

 Fortress [4]
Summon 7(+1) illusions to attack all nearby targets for 600%(+120%) physical damage with 5%(+1) accuracy.
- Will only attack targets once per illusion (1 illusion = 1 target).
- Maximum 8 illusions.
- Consumes  160 CP.
- Charges 50 CP.

 Misty Mirror [5]
Command you spear to surround a friendly target and sets their block chance to 45%(+6%) for 520(+60) seconds.
- Max 60% block chance without blocking capability.
- Maximum 85% block chance with blocking capability.
- Can block a maximum of 12(+2) hits per second.
- Consumes 370 CP.

 Conviction [1]
Conserve your mind and spirit to charge 60(+10) CP over 0.94(-0.06) seconds.
- Consumes 25 CP.

 Belief [2]
Believe that you can charge 100(+15) CP over 1.41(-0.09) seconds and increase your physical damage dealt by 27%(+4%) for 19(+3) seconds.
- Consumes 40 CP.

 Eternal Projector (Archer) [4]
Summon your bow to shoot whatever target you're hitting, dealing 125%(+25%) physical damage with 85% increased attack speed for 175(+30) seconds.
- Consumes 150 CP.

1» Guardian [Awakening: Elemental Lancer]
1. Elemental Force [50]
2. Side Step [50]
3. Breaking Point [50]
4. Belief [50]
5. Conductivity [50]
6. (Awaken Elemental Force) [1]
7. (Awaken Belief) [1]
8. (Awaken Conductivity) [1]
9. Rapid Sting [50]

2» Halberdier [Awakening: Vanguard Cavalier]
1. Spear of Surprise [1]
2. Rapid Sting [50]
3. Entrapment Piercing [50]
4. Massive Twister [1]
5. Side Step [50]
6. Breaking Point [50]
7. Belief [50]
8. Eternal Projector (Archer) [50]
9. (Awaken Eternal Projector) [1]
10. Massive Twister [50]
11. Spear of Surprise [50]
12. (Awaken Rapid Sting) [1]
13. (Awaken Entrapment Piercing) [1]
14. (Awaken Belief) [1]


  1. spear of surprise is an effective skill for grinding and gains cp, so you could use that as your main aoe skill for a power build, or use it to gain enough cp for massive twister, rinse and repeat. power lancer grinds fast if you use those skills.

  2. What arm tatto needs Guardian Build?
    And what weapon to have, ew?

    1. Excuse me i didn't read *Tips and Trick*.
      So when Elemental force is awakend, the fire and water damage are replaced with earth?

    2. No. It's still Fire & Water damage but weakening tattoo covers all forms of elemental damage.
      For example;
      120% weaken earth becomes 120% weaken earth, water, fire, wind, darkness, light.

  3. Survive ability is good or paper at end game?

  4. I mean as ppl told me they can't even complete main quest cuz of paper event with tanky gear , is that true?

    1. They're above average. Not bad, not great.

  5. I'm playing a Guardian Lancer, but i have a question. Wich gear should i look up to? My lvl 85 T-set needs power to use, but on the guide it says that i should put 2 points on knowledge, 1 health and 1 charisma. What do i do?

  6. I don't understand what gear you're supposed to use on guardian lancer, all armor and weapons I see for magic lancer require power.