Prinya: Howling Through Time I

Apr 29, 2015

Howling Through Time I

Most of you should know by now that I'm back. With a new name and a new character. 
I got a good friend of mine to buy me some points so I could get myself a Portal Sphere and a Beast Man badge. Thank you P 

This will be an image series about my character. 
Howling Through Time


  1. Whats the difference between sphere and the gate globe seems like the gate globe is better but no info on your blog about it? (or im blind)

    1. The difference is not that big, I always recommend a portal sphere. You can teleport around the map with gate globe and that's about it.

    2. Hey same anon again, i have been trying really hard to get into the game (without being the sphere but considering) but i just can't get the feel to it? i have tried the archer but could get nowhere with it since i just got destroyed even with buffs (dont even know how). Also tried the lancer / beastman / champion / maid but im struggling so hard to actually get into the game, i just can't really find out how to build it from say order of what to get first to use so i can grind effectively. I was enjoying the beastman till around 45 but i think i have been putting in skills wrong only to get phantom evasion around 6 / 7 and it barely works / pops while my cp disappears and i revert to optical, i also tried the tamer but couldn't even tame a kobal (at like lvl 20 with all my points into tame?) somehow managed to grab a sick kobal that did nothing but die. Im not sure anymore are there any tips to help me out here?

      Im a new person to the game but this is just getting awkward and difficult to get into even if the game is outdated a bit and rather / really grindy. I also solo play at the moment since i dont know anyone else who plays/likes and anyone who does party quits saying the exp sucks. And to note i really did like the look of the archer / skills on others (youtube vids) but cp vanishes just like my arrows, and i think with the beastman i just built wrong. (Sorry for the novel) Thanks for any tips.

    3. Speak to me ingame and we'll sort this out, - Chronos

  2. what's that quest or w/e that gave you 96 sp?