Prinya: My Current Situation

Feb 5, 2015

My Current Situation

So apart from all the normal drama in Red Stone over the last couple of weeks. I've been having problems. Same problem I've had before but not to this extent.
This is going to get a bit personal, so if you're here expecting to read some awesome guide to get money on Red Stone this isn't it. Quite the opposite actually.
So I've ran into a finicial problem lately. On the last server I had all the money I needed because I lived with my mom. I'm not gonna sit here and say I was "rich". Because I wasn't. Not even close. But my mom is though.
Right now it's so bad I barely have money to live.

At the same time my better half haven't talked to me in a month which makes things even worse. Prii is nothing without the Nya. If she was here she could pay for spheres and other stuff but she isn't. So I'm stuck alone sitting in Brunenstig every day doing absolutely nothing and it's driving me crazy. I love this game, but it's unplayable without spheres. It's unplayable without real money. Atleast for a person who have been playing it since november 2010. I wish I had infinite amount of money.


  1. "So I'm stuck alone sitting in Brunnenshutig every day doing absolutely nothing"

    Welcome to my life aushuashsah

    - Muri Auditore

  2. Prii bae. Add my under the sheets with Nya and I'll give you as many spheres as you want.

  3. hop y get better
    -- princesse

  4. u always get problem at 400lv lol
    Find new partner >.<v