Prinya: Spiritualist Guide

Jan 12, 2015

Spiritualist Guide

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Guide and other images made by MsCarrot
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The Spiritualist class
Is the bane of all existence, death itself. The Spiritualists commands and destroys all souls and spirits that she comes across and spreads havoc in battle. She is a pain in the ass to have as enemy, and one of the most valuable allies. She is the ultimate player versus player character and the most underestimated class in the game. Removing buffs, silencing, turning off activation skills, completely ignore avoidance is only a minority of the insane stuff the Spiritualist can do.

Single Target Damage: 
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Area of Effect Damage: 
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
★ ★  ☆ ☆
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
★ ★ ★ ★ 
Speciality: Disrupting and Debuffing

• Debuff skills doesn't need accuracy
• Very high versatility
• Very good in Siege War and PvP
• Spiritualists gets 5 ability points each level
Very strong in the endgame

• Very slow playstyle
Long cooldowns
Fixed attack speed
Hard to grind

Soul Snatcher is a very unique CP recharging skill, it steals charge points from your enemy and refills yours at the same time. It has a fixed 1 second cast time though which can be sped up with awakening.
Giant Slalom is your area of effect skill, lure a bunch of mobs and use this to kill them, just make sure to lure for atleast 9 seconds or more to accumulate for the 15 seconds cooldown and 6 seconds duration.
Mill Hammering is your single target damage tool. It deals damage over a few hits to your target.
Connection Sickle is your utility tool, use it whenever your targets are terrified of your presence and runs away from you.
Weak Spots is mostly used for single target damage. It has a 100% chance to crit with 50% increased accuracy, good if you wanna go for a more health oriented build with tons of power and high damaging weapons.
Windmill Turning is used to pull away mobs and players from different locations. With awakening this skill can also be used for Dervish.

Slash LegSlash Arm, Slash Body and Slash Soul is your debuff skills, it's your tools for everything a Spiritualist does, they do not require normal accuracy but uses a system with charisma instead. 100 charisma equals 1% success chance and curse resistance only reduces the duration of the skills instead of resisting them completely.

Slash Sound is your cooldown ability in PvP, used together with teamwork and timing, Slash Sound can be extremely deadly. It can be used to silence enemies. You should mainly use it on Priest and Mages to stop them from supporting their team.

Collect Souls is your CP charger and is used together with Free, Rest, Invocation and Runaway.
Free is used to increase stats, can be used by both champions and spiritualists, really good buff skill overall use it whenever you have free time.
Rest can used to heal yourself, not used much as it's not really worth the time it takes to cast and it doesn't heal for much.
Invocation can be used in PvP to make you invincible, just make sure you have enough time to cast Collect Souls and Invocation before someone interrupts you.
Runaway should mainly be used with awakening as it decreases your avoidance and defense. It makes your skills cost no CP for 30 seconds with a 60 seconds cooldown.

Resonance of Soul, Lamentating Soul, Wandering Soul and Soul's Anger is your main activation skills, used to buff your teammates and yourself with various different things depending on your build and how much CP you can charge.

Spirit Expelling can be used in PvP to make targets run away from you, good together with a princess to reduce resistance.

Switching is used in PvP to turn all targets into mush, it completely removes and turns their buffs into debuffs.
Mind Disease is mainly used in PvP to turn targets into ashes, if they let it burn them it will surely kill them. The only to counter it is cleansing it. However, if they cleanse it they will get purged of all buffs.

LevelLocationRespawn Time
Oat Dungeon B3
50 minutes
Underpass of Smug B3
60 minutes
Exhibition of the Past Glories
5 hours and 38 minutes
Nameless Broken Tower B4
7 hours and 38 minutes
Digged Up Ossuary B6
9 hours and 38 minutes
Cave of Cursed Mizna B2
10 hours and 38 minutes
Golden Swamp Cave B3
11 hours and 45 minutes
Forest of Time 3
12 hours and 50 minutes

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
• Health - Increases health points, defense and potion recovery speed.
• Charisma - Increases the chance for your Slash skills to successfully debuff the target, improves your resistances and increases your charge points.
 Knowledge - Improves magic damage and increases the charge points you steal with Soul Snatcher.
 Power - Improves physical damage.
 Luck - Increases accuracy, avoidance and improves item drops.
 Alacrity - Increases accuracy and avoidance.
 Wisdom - Improves your resistances, elemental resistances and experience gain.

1» Deathbringer [PVP] [Awakening: Soul Controller]
Charisma - 2 each level
Health - 3 each level

2» Dervish [Awakening: Ghost of Wildwind]
Power - 2 each level
Alacrity - 1 each level
Luck - 1 each level
Health - 1 each level until 100 then Luck

3» Soul Collector [Awakening: Spirit Imprecationer]
Knowledge - 4 each level
Health - 1 each level until 200 then Knowledge

All skills are based of skill level 50
Scaling is based of 10 skill levels

 Sweeping Slash [1]
Slash your target with your scythe, dealing 150%(+30%) physical damage with 5%(+1%) increased accuracy.

 Weak Spots (Awakening: Fatal Chance) [2]
Hack your target with your scythe, dealing 400%(+60%) physical damage with 50% increased accuracy and 100%[A: 200%] chance to critically hit.

 Windmill Turning (Awakening: Pinwheel Slash) [3]
Perform a quick spin with your scythe, dealing 145(+25) wind damage to all targets within 350(+30)m radius and pull them towards you.
- Pull chance is reduced by knockback resistance

 Mill Hammering (Awakening: Acceleration Milling) [4]
Hack the target with your scythe over 8(+1) attacks, dealing 110%(+25%) physical damage each.
- Max 12 hits

 Giant Slalom (Awakening: Limitless Typhoon Slash) [5]
Create a typhoon using your scythe, dealing 240%(+50%) physical damage every 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds to all targets within weapon range with a 10% chance to stun and pull all targets hit to random places within the typhoon.
- 15 seconds cooldown
- Hits a maximum of 12 times over 6 seconds
- Pull chance is reduced by knockback resistance

 Slash Leg [1]
Slash the targets leg, dealing 2% physical damage with a 60% chance to reduce the targets avoidance by -100%(-10%) for 25(+4) seconds.
- Success chance = charisma/100+30%
- Duration is decreased by curse resistance
- 30% success chance regardless of resistance

 Slash Arm [2]
Slash the targets arm, dealing 2% physical damage with a 40%(+5%) chance to make the target unable to attack for 13 seconds.
- 20 seconds cooldown
- Base success chance = charisma/100+30%
- Duration is decreased by curse resistance
- 30% success chance regardless of resistance
- If the target is a monster, damage is reduced instead
- Effect cannot be cured by Panacea

 Slash Body [3]
Slash the targets body, dealing 2% physical damage with a 45%(+5%) chance to turn off all activation skills for 70(+10) seconds.
Base success chance = charisma/100+30%
- Duration is decreased by curse resistance
- 30% success chance regardless of resistance
- If the target is a monster, defense is reduced instead
- Effect cannot be cured by Panacea

 Slash Soul [4]
Slash the targets soul, dealing 2% physical damage with a 45%(+5%) chance to lower elemental, curse, dropped and abnormal resistance by -55%(-10%) for 45(+5) seconds.

Base success chance = charisma/100+30%
- Duration is decreased by curse resistance
- 30% success chance regardless of resistance

 Slash Sound [5]
Create a sound barrier, silencing all targets within 275(2.75m)(+15) radius around the target location for 15(+2) seconds.
- Range 400(4m)
- 120 seconds cooldown
- Silenced targets cannot use skills at all

 Collect Souls [1]
Collect all lost souls in the vicinity for 5.5 seconds, charging 60(+10) CP over 1.5(-0.16) seconds.

 Free (Awakening: Lemures Release) [2]
Free your collected souls, increasing all stats by 135(+25) for 60(+10) seconds.
- Can only be used after you have collected souls.

 Rest [3]
Lay your collected souls to rest, healing you for 550(+100) after 1.94(-0.22) seconds cast time.
- Can only be used after you have collected souls.

 Invocation [4]
Command your collected souls to protect you, shielding you from all damage for 35(+5) seconds but reduces your movement speed by -10%(+6%).
- You may not run while Invocation is active.
- Can only be used after you have collected souls.

 Runaway (Awakening: Recklessness) [5]
Command your collected souls to boost you, increasing attack speed by 17.5%(+2.5%), movement speed by 55%(+10%) but reduces your defense and avoidance by -55%(+5%) over 60(+10) seconds after a 3 seconds cast time. While in the Runaway state, your skills does not cost CP.
- 60 seconds cooldown

 Resonance of Soul [5]
Activation aura skill, increases all party members critical chance by 11%(+2%) and critical damage by 15%(+2%).
- Radius 300(3m)
- Uses 15(+2) CP per second

 Lamentating Soul [1]
Activation aura skill, increases all party members damage by 55%(+10%).
- Radius 300(3m)
- Uses 15(+2) CP per second

 Wandering Soul [2]
Activation aura skill, increases all party members avoidance by 20%(+3%).
- Radius 300(3m)
- Uses 20(+3) CP per second

 Camouflage [4]
Activation aura skill, applies blur for 8 seconds to all party members but reduces their movement speed by -15%(+7%).
- Radius 300(3m)
- Uses 30(+5) CP per second

 Soul's Anger [3]
Activation aura skill, have a 45%(+5%) chance to add an additional 125 fire damage to all party members attacks.
- Radius 300(3m)
- Uses 25(+4) CP per second

 Soul Snatcher (Awakening: Soul Despoiler) [1]
Attack the soul of the target, dealing 250% physical damage every 1 second.
- Charges 55(+10) CP
- Steals CP (removes from enemy and charges yours) based on your knowledge.

 Spirit Expelling (Awakening: Spirit Deporting) [3]
Let your enemies hear the screams of your trapped souls, all enemies within 250(2.5m)(+30) range will be confused for 5 seconds and run in the opposite direction.
- 30 seconds cooldown

 Connection Sickle [2]
Connect your sickle with the targets head, dealing 104% physical damage and teleports to the target.
- 350(3.5m)(+30) range

 Switching [4]
Switch the target, have a 50% chance to turn all buffs into debuffs of 100%(+10%) of the the same amount but negative for 15(+2) seconds.
- 30% success chance regardless of resistance

 Mind Disease (Awakening: Mind Affliction) [5]
Spread a disease that haunts the targets mind, have a 50% chance to apply a debuff to all targets within 300(3m)(+20) range that deals increasing 255 fire damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds and when cleansed or fully removed, purges the targets from all buffs.
- 20 seconds cooldown
- Maximum of 8(+1) targets
- Damage increases by 10% of the original amount for each time it deals damage.
- The damage of the last hit is 3062 fire damage which is meant to instantly kill the target.
- 30% success chance regardless of resistance

1» Deathbringer [PVP] [Awakening: Soul Controller]
1. Slash Soul [50]
2. Free [50]
3. Slash Body [50]
3. Slash Arm [50]
6. Runaway [50]
7. (Awaken Runaway) [1]
8. Slash Sound [50]
9. (Awaken Free) [1]
10. Connection Sickle [50]

2» Dervish [Awakening: Ghost of Wildwind]
1. Soul Snatcher [50]
2. Mill Hammering [50]
3. Giant Slalom [50]
4. Free [50]
5. Resonance of Soul [45]
6. (Awaken Giant Slalom) [1]

3» Soul Collector [Awakening: Spirit Imprecationer]
1. Soul Snatcher [50]
2. Souls Anger [50]
3. Free [50]
4. Mind Disease [50]
5. Slash Soul [50]
6. Runaway [22]
7. (Awaken Mind Disease) [1]
8. (Awaken Soul Snatcher) [1]
9. Runaway [50]


  1. First good guide about Spirit skills and which stats do what for the different skills in English I've seen.
    Spirits are annoying in GvG. We'll probably see more of them now :(

  2. This may be a stupid question but im new and cant find much information on this. I have been finding a few guides on what ability to take. Example in your list you say take soul snatcher. However in the game it says there are required skills. such as wandering soul to lvl 6 before you can use soul snatcher. This skill is not listed to level up in the guide.

    Are the other abilities (required) assumed you take minimum to get the skill you want or is there a way to by pass this or im I just not understand skill points at all. If anyone can shed some light on this it would be great.

    1. You need to get all the required skills in order to get the skill you want. For example, if you want Soul Snatcher, you need to get every single skill to the level it says, in this case:

      Lamentating Soul 6/6
      Collect Souls 6/6
      Sweeping Slash 6/6
      Wandering Soul 6/6
      Weak Spots 3/3
      Soul's Anger 3/3

  3. For the knowledge build I'm confused, don't you need alacrity for soul snatcher to hit?

    1. With Free and being a general member of a guild you should have +200~ alacrity and luck. Slash Leg reduces avoidance if needed. It's mostly needed before 300 when you dont have awakening.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.