Prinya: Little Witch Guide

Jan 18, 2015

Little Witch Guide

Header made by NeoArtCorE
Game and skill icons by L&K Logic Korea
Guide and other images made by Nova
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The Little Witch
Being a Princess can be tiresome and boring sometimes, so why not spice things up abit and become a witch. By studying astronomy she can now transform into a witch, rain down supernovas and shoot comets from the tip of her rod. By being the most annoying class in the game you will surely make your enemies flip tables if they see another bunny in the future. Just make sure you're back in Nacriema castle before bed time.

Single Target Damage: 
 ☆ ☆ ☆ 
Area of Effect Damage: 
★  ☆ ☆ 
★ ★  ☆ ☆
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
★ ★  ★ 
Speciality: Disrupting

Huge range AoE attacks
Very cheap class
Needed for taming
• Strong in siege war and PvP
• Good passive stat (Health)
• High versatility

Hard to grind
• No movement skills
Skill level dependant
• Trash single target damage

Comet Shooting is your CP gainer for Action Star, use it to gain CP to use Ultra Nova or Quasar Scattering or to simply deal damage.
Star Release can be used at high skill level to debuff enemy movement speed by huge amounts or simply as a CP gainer. Use it as auto attack if you need a range main skill.
Quasar Scattering is the AoE skill for Action Star, lure mobs and use it right ontop of them to kill all at the same time, good for when you really have the gear to play Action Star. With Form Guard Quasar Scattering will gain CP.

Ultra Nova is the main skill for all Witches. The skill is just too good to be left out in any build. It's basically everything in one massive AoE debuff. Learn to love it and master this skill to become a pro Witch. Not talking about the insanely overpowered awakened version that does all the overpowered stuff that the normal Ultra Nova does but repeats it 3 times.

Grim Scream can be used to pull mobs to you even though it reduces enemies movement speed and stuns. In siege war this can be used to pull ogres before the timer has started. It's also a good overall skill since it's only level 1. Max it if you dont need Battle March or Sing Along.
Sing Along and Battle March are your main activation skills, they give you decent buffs that is on at all times. So being buffed is not a huge priority for you. They will also cleanse debuffs from you and your party.
Moon Walking is used to look cool.
Astral Spirit can be used in various different secret dungeons if you have a fear of traps. The Vampire Kingdom for example. It makes the trap look like a huge red square on you and your party members screen.

Name of Justice, Starlight and Stellar Fear is your buff skills, they will give you a short level boost, a long luck boots and a useless concentration boost. Name of Justice is the best of the three and Stellar Fear is the worst. Starlight is good if you're avoidance / accuracy build or need the extra charisma. Note that Name of Justice also increases stats. Name of Justice is also used to help tamers get their pets faster and easier.

Rabbit Rush is used to hold people in place or to use as a CP gainer for the Idol Star or Entertainer. Make sure to have Hitting with Magic Stick as your main auto attack skill and make sure it's on or it will bug out. Very good skill in PvP and siegewar.
Dance Along can be used to make enemies dance, the skill is pretty useless overall since it's quickly cleansed. Good for killing lures or to mitigate damage.

Rose Garden is used if someone is dumb and attacking you as a monk, use your maxed Rose Garden and take off your fatal blow resistance ring and let him have at it.

Carrier Pidgeon of Love is used in so many situations, however putting skill points into it is a waste. Having around +30 skill will net you all the items you really need from it. I've found myself using it mostly for healing potions and charging potions or saving someone in a dungeon with the feather of the phoenix.

Magical Drawing is mainly used for demon haste, simply have a necromancer hit a Demon (monster) and use Magical Drawing on it, wait a while until your summoned demon uses the aoe haste skill and have fun with your 3 frame.
Magic Box is mainly used in PvP on mages to block them from healing. Make sure you turn off your auto attack so you dont attack the box by mistake.

Fire of Love was mainly used before to deal decent damage because if you used it twice in quick succession it would cancel the transformation to princess. It's a level 1 skill that doesn't deal that much damage so it's a waste.
Lightning Winder is used at low level to deal huge amounts of damage to all targets around you.
Florence Special is your main AoE ability, it has a huge range and deals a ton of damage but is only good if you awaken it, otherwise it will charm enemies and be overall useless. Without awakening it can be used against enemies with charm resistance. Or enemies that dies in 1 hit. With high skill level the transformation to princess can be canceled.
Girl's Paradise is mainly used with dragon hearts to confuse enemies or simply being overall annoying. It has a huge plus to consume enemies CP and gain CP for your own team, good if you can control the massive CP consumption of this skill.

LevelLocationRespawn Time
Baheel River / Western Erberk Mountain Area
50 minutes
Big Grave of Mercenaries B2
60 minutes
Salty Cave B7
5 hours and 38 minutes
Swep Tower 15F
7 hours and 38 minutes
Digged Up Ossuary B4
9 hours and 38 minutes
Short Cuts to Dark Elf Palace
10 hours and 38 minutes
Unnamed Vestiges B2
11 hours and 45 minutes
Molinar Tower 6F
12 hours and 50 minutes

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
• Health - Increases health points, defense and potion recovery speed.
 Luck - Increases accuracy, avoidance, charisma and improves item drops.
 Alacrity - Increases accuracy and avoidance.
 Wisdom - Improves your resistances, elemental resistances and experience gain.
 Knowledge - Improves magic damage.
 Power - Improves physical damage.
• Charisma - Improves your resistances and increases your charge points.

1» Super Idol
Health - 4 each level

1.5» Super Idol
Luck - 3 each level
Alacrity - 1 each level

2» Action Star
Power - 2 each level
Luck - 1 each level
Alacrity - 1 each level

3» Entertainer
Knowledge - 3 each level
Health - 1 each level until 300 then Knowledge

All skills are based of skill level 50
Scaling is based of 10 skill levels

Hitting with Magic Stick
Pound the target with your rod, dealing 125% physical damage with 2% crush chance.

- Gains 22 CP.

Star Release
 (Awakening: Asterion Release) [2]
Shoot a star from your rod at the target, dealing 110% physical damage with 5% crush chance.
- Gains 38 CP.

Gigantic Wand
Pound the target with your rod, dealing 220% physical damage.

- Gains 60 CP.

Comet Shooting
 (Awakening: Comet Launching) [4]
Shoot a comet from your rod at the target, dealing 230% physical damage with 10% critical chance and 5% crush chance.
- Gains 80 CP.

Quasar Scattering (Awakening: Galaxy Scattering)
Shoot a quasar at the target location, dealing 350% physical damage to all targets in a (weapon range × 1.5) radius.

- (weapon range × 5) range.
- Consumes 30 CP.
Grim Scream
Activation skill, if there are enemies nearby you let out a scream every 5 seconds, stunning all targets in a 450(+50) radius around yourself for 1 second and have a 60%(+9%) chance to slow them for 33% over 2.5 seconds.

- Requires 55 CP.
- Gains 10 CP every 5 seconds.
- Can target enemies through the wall.

Moon Walking
Activation skill, applies a buff to all party members within 750(+100) radius that applies flight, increases their concentration by 15%(+2%) and earth resistance by 25%.

- Requires 45 CP.
- Gains 15 CP every 5 seconds.

Battle March
Activation skill, applies a buff to all party members within 350 radius that increases their physical damage by 60%(+10%), accuracy by 7%(+1%) and attack speed by 15%(+2%).

- Requires 105 CP.
- Gains 15 CP every 5 seconds.
- Cleanses counterpart debuffs that Battle March applies as buffs.

Dance Along
You start to dance, have a 90%(+8%) chance to force all targets within 400 radius to start dancing for 7(+1) seconds.
- Consumes 210 CP.

Sing Along
 (Awakening: Sing Together) [5]
Activation skill, applies a buff to all party members within 650(+50) radius that increases their defense by 60%(+10%), avoidance by 7%(+1%), concentration by 55%(+10%) and movement speed by 25%(+4%).
- Requires 170 CP.
- Cleanses counterpart debuffs that Sing Along applies as buffs.

Astral Spirit
Activation skill, applies a buff to all party members within 800(+100) radius that lets you see traps with a detection level of 100(+20) or below.

- Requires 2 CP.

Stellar Fear
Buff skill, increases a friendly targets concentration by 100%(+15%) for 450(+80) seconds.

- Consumes 110 CP.

Buff skill, increases a friendly targets luck by 165(+30) for 130(+20) seconds.

Name of Justice
Buff skill, increases a friendly targets level by 25(+5) for 80(+10) seconds. Health points, charge points and all stats except wisdom is increased according to levels given.

Ultra Nova
 (Awakening: Ultra Supernova) [5]
Rain down a nova at the target location, dealing 1-501 light damage to all targets within 450(+20) radius and reducing their abnormal resistance by -50%(-5%), damage by -60%(-10%), defense by -60%(-10%), accuracy by -25%(-4%), attack speed by -35%(-5%), elemental resistance by -50%(-10%) and concentration by -25%.
- Consumes 230(+30) CP.

Carrier Pigeon of Love
 (Awakening: Carrier Pidgeon of Harmony) [1]
Call down a pidgeon to give you access to various general store items at 91%(-10%) item price.
- Minimum 80% item price.
- Store contains: candy, small healing potion, small charging potion, biscuit, fire bottle, healing potion, charging potion, cake, antidote, copper box key, copper door key, return scroll, flower, iron bullet, large healing potion, large charging potion, neutralizer, iron box key, iron door key, poison bottle, knowledge scroll, armor oil, strengthening antidote, steel box key, ice bottle, steel door key, lucky clover, full healing potion, full charging potion, bomb, silver box key, silver door key, strength liquid potion, blade oil and feather of the phoenix.
- Consumes 15 CP.

Rabbit Rush
Summon rabbits to hold the target in place for 3 seconds and have a 35%(+5%) chance to make the target go berserk for 20 seconds.

- Gains 60 CP.
- Cannot be resisted but can be cleansed.
- BUG: If you dont have any auto attack selected, the skill sometimes fail.

Magical Drawing
Summon a copy of the target enemy unit in front of you with 100%(+10%) of the original health points, can only be used on targets (your level + 40)(+10) or below. 

- The summon will taunt nearby enemies.
- 90% chance of success.
- Consumes 180 CP.

Rose Garden
Summon a rose garden at your feet for 295(+50) seconds, friendly units standing on the rose garden will return 525%(+100%) of physical damage taken.

- Only works on single hit melee skills.
- The rose garden has a 300 radius.
- Only 1 rose garden can be summoned at a time.
- Consumes 25 CP.

Magic Box
 (Awakening: Mystic Box) [5]
Trap an enemy target in a box for 30 seconds, if you attack the box you have a 20%(+1%) chance to instantly kill the target. Magic Box can only be used on targets (your level + 25)(+10) or below.
- 90%(+8%) chance of success (max 100%).
- Only 1 target can be trapped at a time.
- Only the Little Witch can attack the box.
- If the target doesn't die from the first hit, it will recover 100% of max health points and be released from the box.
- While inside the box, the target remains useless and cannot act.
- Consumes 345 CP.

Fire of Love
Transform yourself into a princess and shoot fire towards the target location in a straight line, dealing 270-290 fire damage to all enemies on impact in the process.

- (weapon range × 5) range.
- Consumes 55 CP.
Big Service
Spin around and transform yourself to a princess, healing all party members within 1150(+150) range for 150(+30) and temporarily heal them for another 275(+50) in the process.

- Consumes 165 CP.

Lightning Winder
 (Awakening: Thunderbolt Winder) [3]
Spin around and transform yourself into a princess, dealing 15-265 light damage to all targets within 300 range over 15(+3) hits in the process.
- Max 4 hits per targets.
- Max 15 hits.
- Consumes 280 CP.

Florence Special
 (Awakening: Florence Special Edition) [4]
Spin around and transform yourself into a princess, dealing 45-445 light damage over 4(+0.5) hits to all targets within 400 range with a 37%(+5%) chance to charm and a 75%(+10%) chance to confuse all targets hit for 25 seconds in the process.
- Consumes 410 CP.
- At +80 skill level Florence Special will no longer transform you into a princess because the skill cast time exceeds the transformation cast time.

Girl's Paradise [5]
Spin around and summon a ton of illusions of your self all over the screen and transform yourself into a princess, have a 150%(+20%) chance to confuse all targets within 350(+30) range for 20 seconds and consume their charge points by 260(+50) and restore 310(+50) charge points to all party members.

- Consumes 570 CP.
- Does not restore charge points for self.

1» Super Idol
1. Sing Along [1]
2. Rabbit Rush [50]
3. Ultra Nova [50]
4. Name of Justice [50]
5. Sing Along [50]
6. (Awaken Sing Along) [1]
7. Battle March [50]
8. Starlight [50]

2» Action Star
1. Comet Shooting [50]
2. Battle March [50]
3. Name of Justice [50]
4. Quasar Scattering [50]
5. (Awaken Quasar Scattering) [1]
6. Starlight [50]
7. Ultra Nova [50]
8. Sing Along [50]

3» Entertainer
1. Sing Along [1]
2. Lightning Winder [50]
3. Rabbit Rush [50]
4. Ultra Nova [50]
5. Name of Justice [33]
6. Florence Special [50]
7. (Awaken Ultra Nova) [1]
8. (Awaken Florence Special) [1]
9. Name of Justice [50]
10. Starlight [50]
11. Sing Along [50]
12. Battle March [50]

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