Prinya: Bomideas

Jan 2, 2015


Lost Shepard

Party Leader
Effect: Urgency, Praise, Spice of Life, Gloomy Day, Cloudy Day, Foggy Day, Sunny Day and Changing Day now works on party members. However, you can no longer use pets.

Song of Lost Companions
Effect: Now also deals 295-325 wind damage to all enemies within 450(4.5m) range and forces them to move towards the tamer.

Hallucinations of Lost Companions
Effect: Now creates a dark field around the tamer that deals 395-427 darkness damage over 3 hits to all enemies within 450(4.5m) range and forces them to move 400(4m) range away from the tamer.

Shining Glasses
Effect: Now also works for player party members for 50% of the original amount.


  1. You couldn't call this a tamer anymore because it would have nothing to do with pets, so I think such awakening would have no point since it makes no sense. And also, everyone would be making scorn tamers for additional exp.

    1. The point of it is to be ideas and just fun for myself and maybe put some thoughts into other peoples heads. Ofcourse it will never hit the shelves in the game itself.

  2. Why is this tamer's leg being cut off?

    1. Because I photoshopped it quickly to be a tamer without a pets and the leg was in the way. Blame L&K for not letting me photoshop their pics!