Prinya: Werewolf Awakening

Dec 9, 2014

Werewolf Awakening


Blood Berserker

Blood Awakening
Effect: If the target is bleeding, absorb 2% health points of damage done to that target. 

Vampire Claw
Effect: No longer have fixed -3% evasion while attacking. Damage is increased by 17.5% if the target is bleeding and now ignores interrupts.

Bloody Berserker Rage
Effect: Now increases defense by 50 and also makes your other skills apply bleeding for 50% of the final damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

Vampire Fang
Effect: Now decreases targets damage done by 20% for 10 seconds.

Flame Berserker

Burning Heart
Effect: Now ignores 40% of target fire resistance.

Burning Sphere
Effect: Damage has been increased by roughly 35% and can now deal damage more than once. Maximum of once every 0.3 seconds but now also has a 2 seconds cooldown. Range has also been increased from 350(3.5m) to 500(5m) and radius has been increased from 100(1m) to 200(2m).

Full Moon Overflow
Effect: Now also decreases targets attack speed by 33%.

Howl of Eruption
Effect: Now creates a lava explosion at the target location rather than from the wolves position however the explosion range has been drastically reduced.

Wolf-Berserker of Madness

Guide to Madness
Effect: Critical strike chance of Rebounding Linear increased by 35%.

Rebounding Linear
Effect: Now hits one target a number of times instead of bouncing around to different targets however, you will charge back to your original location after use. Also increases avoidance by 15% for 6 seconds and range increased from 300(3m) to 600(6m).

Howl of the Lunatic
Effect: Now also stuns targets for 1.5 seconds and no longer consumes charge points.

Growling of Confusion
Effect: Now also increases your damage of Rebounding Linear by 50% for 5 seconds.

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