Prinya: Squire Awakening

Dec 9, 2014

Squire Awakening


Steel Knight

Born Bravery
Effect: If you have 3 or more enemies around you, defense increases by (enemyamount - 3) × 10 + 10%.

Mettle Dueling
Effect: Now taunts all targets in the area around your main target.
- Max 1m range.
- Max 30% defense reduction and 60% damage reduction.

Gushing Tank
Effect: Now increases your block chance by 50% for 15 seconds when used. And now also has a 650(6.5m) range.

Glimmering Shield
Effect: Now has a 50% chance to stun enemies attacking targets with Glimmering Shield for 5 seconds.

Storm Knight

One Shot Two Kills
Effect: Wind resistance increases wind damage by an equal amount.

Whirlwind Protector
Effect: Now have a small chance to summon a green whirlwind dealing 90% more damage.

War Whoop
Effect: Now also increases magic damage done by 20% for 5 seconds.

Fatal Boomerang
Effect: Now also deals 90-290 wind damage.

Illusion Knight

Effect: When you kill an enemy target, remove all debuffs.

Paraallel Blitz
Effect: The first strike on a new target will have increased accuracy.

Ultimate Charging
Effect: After you killed an enemy, the damage of this skill is increased for 5 seconds.

Cross Cracker
Effect: The first strike on a new target will always be a critical strike.

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