Prinya: Spiritualist Awakening

Dec 14, 2014

Spiritualist Awakening


Ghost of Wildwind

Biting Wind Bombing
Effect: Everytime you deal damage with awakened skills, deal additonal 50% wind damage based on offensive power every 1 second for 10 seconds.

Limitless Typhoon Slash
Effect: Now also increases your avoidance by 100% over the duration.

Pinwheel Slash
Effect: Now also deals 100% physical damage and range has been increased to 400(4m) from 350(3.5m)

Fatal Chance
Effect: Now have 200% chance to critically strike the target instead of 100%.

Soul Controller

Restrict Soul
Effect: You are now permanently collecting souls and permanently gives you the visual effect of collecting souls.

Effect: No longer decreases avoidance and defense.

Lemures Release
Effect: Now has a 90 seconds duration instead of 60 seconds.

Acceleration Chop
Effect: Now creates an illusion to strike the target instead of doing it yourself.

Spirit Implicationer

The Secret Art of Women Tribe
Effect: CP Consumption decreased by 50%. Activation skills no longer consumes CP.

Mind Affliction
Effect: Trigger probability increased to 75%. Damage has been increased and cooldown has been removed and now also deals damage every 1 second instead of every 2 seconds.

Soul Despoiler
Effect: Now attacks once every 0.43 seconds and now has a range of 430(4.3m).

Spirit Deporting
Effect: Cooldown decreased to 5 seconds and duration increased to 10 seconds.

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