Prinya: Spiritualist Awakening

Dec 14, 2014

Spiritualist Awakening


Ghost of Wildwind

Biting Wind Bombing
Effect: Everytime you deal damage with awakened skills, deal additonal 50% wind damage based on offensive power every 1 second for 10 seconds.

Limitless Typhoon Slash
Effect: Now also increases your avoidance by 100% over the duration.

Pinwheel Slash
Effect: Now also deals 100% physical damage and range has been increased to 400(4m) from 350(3.5m)

Fatal Chance
Effect: Now have 200% chance to critically strike the target instead of 100%.

Soul Controller

Restrict Soul
Effect: You are now permanently collecting souls and permanently gives you the visual effect of collecting souls.

Effect: No longer decreases avoidance and defense.

Lemures Release
Effect: Now has a 90 seconds duration instead of 60 seconds.

Acceleration Chop
Effect: Now creates an illusion to strike the target instead of doing it yourself.

Spirit Imprecationer

The Secret Art of Women Tribe
Effect: CP Consumption decreased by 50%. Activation skills no longer consumes CP.

Mind Affliction
Effect: Trigger probability increased to 75%. Damage has been increased and cooldown has been removed and now also deals damage every 1 second instead of every 2 seconds.

Soul Despoiler
Effect: Now attacks once every 0.43 seconds and now has a range of 430(4.3m).

Spirit Deporting
Effect: Cooldown decreased to 5 seconds and duration increased to 10 seconds.


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  2. "Restrict Soul. you are now permanently collecting souls". Does that mean you are permanently charging cp aswell?
    e.g. you do some mill hammering and kill the mob and are low on cp. but then "restrict soul" kicks in automatically after (or during the kill) and starts filling up your cp bar again? bit by bit? this how it works? any chance you can explain it? ty.

    1. No this is not how it works. This just means that you can use any skill that require you to be collecting souls without using Collect Souls :P

    2. ok ty for that. at least its 1 less button to press :)