Prinya: Necromancer Awakening

Dec 13, 2014

Necromancer Awakening


Strange Conjurer

Bloodsucking Attack
Effect: Absorbs 3% of all damage done with awakened skills.

Scent of Death
Effect: Darkness damage has been increased from 77 to 385 (500% increase). Now also lets Bloodsucking Attack absorb darkness elemental damage.

Effect: If power is the highest stat, increase damage by 100%. If knowledge is the highest stat, skill level increases by +3.

Advanced Nameless Attack
Effect: Now attacks enemies in an AoE around the main target.

Wicked Psychologist

Plentiful Doll's Clothing
Effect: Avoidance increased by 5%.

Effect: If you do not kill the target within 4.5 seconds, the target will explode dealing 830 darkness damage to all targets within 180(1.8m) range of the main target.

Effect: Darkness damage has been increased from 90 to 575 (638% increase). 

Effect: Now also reduces target accuracy and increases the targets attack speed.

Demonic Tuner

Hand of Exploitation
Effect: Whenever pet and illusion is damaged, you gain 10% of damage done as charge points.

Devil Phantom
Effect: Duration has been lowered, but when a target strike the illusion it explodes and deals 900 darkness damage to all targets within range and the illusion disappears. (If you don't know it already this skill taunts monsters.)

Revelation of Death
Effect: Now hits all targets in an area of effect. Charge points consumed reduced from 590 to 150 and first aid increased from 25% to 40%.
(This skill is kinda advanced, it basically turns targets HP into first aid state which can be somewhat translated into dealing x% of it's current hp)

Shadow of Intrigue
Effect: Now deals 300(+30) darkness damage instead of 150(+3) and now scales insanly much, up from 3 damage per skill level to 30 damage per skill level (1000% increase).

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