Prinya: Magician Awakening

Dec 9, 2014

Magician Awakening

Hellfire Priest

Book of Incineration
Reduces CP consumption of all fire spells by 30%.

Meteor Shower Double Impact
Rains down 2 meteors but damage has been reduced by 27%.

Multiple Action Spell: Fire Ball
Has no cast time and deals 100% more damage.

Inferno Storm
Has a wider explosion diameter.

Frigid Priest

Upon death, regain 25% of your maximum HP over 5 seconds.
180 seconds cooldown.

Coolant Cannon
Radius increase to 150 from 100 and effects lasts twice as long.

Icicle Stalagmite
Freezes targets within radius upon expiration.

Spring Water Barrier
100% additional defense when used on self.

Combat Priest

Magicial Combat
Whenever electrification is consumed, final damage is increased by 10%. Stacks with itself up to 50%.

 Critical Hit
Consumes electrification on the target to deal additional wind damage equal to physical damage dealt multiplied by 48(+2.4).

Electric Shield
Electrifies targets hit.

Freezing Touch
Applies cold to targets in a small radius around the main target.

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