Prinya: Little Witch Awakening

Dec 11, 2014

Little Witch Awakening

Little Witch

Action Star

Circle Dancing Stars
Effect: [Galaxy Effect] Causes target to take 10% more final damage from all sources.

Galaxy Scattering
Effect: Applies Galaxy Effect effect to all targets hit for 15 seconds.

Comet Launching
Effect: Bleed effect will now spread to nearby enemies.

Asterion Release
Effect: Movement speed debuff spreads to nearby enemies.


Fancy Transformation
Effect: You will not switch back to Princess when using Fire of Love, Lightning Winder, Florence Special or Girls Paradise while standing ontop of Rose Garden.

Ultra Supernova
Effect: Now deals damage and debuffs 3 times.

Florence Special Edition
Effect: No longer charms targets.

Thunderbolt Winder
Effect: Now electrifies all targets hit.
- Electrified = target takes 10% more final damage.

Super Idol

Song of Peace
Effect: The Little Witch will never be struck first. Doesn't work versus bosses and semi-bosses.

Sing Along
Effect: Now applies special effects depending on how many people are in the party. (Basically Battle March, Starlight, Name of Justice and Sing Along all in 1.)
7% Accuracy (2 party members)
60% Damage (3 party members)
15% Attack speed (4 party members)
165 Luck (5 party members)
25 Levels (6 party members)

Mystic Box
Effect: Can now be attacked by party members too.

Carrier Pidgeon of Harmony
Effect: You can now buy dragon hearts and deluxe potions from the Pidgeon Store.

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