Prinya: Demon Awakening

Dec 13, 2014

Demon Awakening


Snooty Bondager

Dignity of Queen
Effect: For each enemy around the Demon, increase attack speed by 10%, power by 10 and reduces enemies movement speed by 10%. (Stacks with itself up to 5 times.)

Lash Blaze
Effect: Now gains 100 charge points instead of 50. And also does increased damage.

Drag Body
Effect: Now applies Worm Bite to targets that are pulled in.

Spider Mesh
Effect: Now has a 5.1 seconds duration and 100% activation chance but a 10 seconds cooldown. Also activates automatically without anyone attacking you.

Unjust Swindler

Joint Surety
Effect: Range of contracts has been increased. 
The effect of Soul Oath and Blood Compact is now applied to targets in a small AoE.
Contracts can now be broken on 12 targets at the same time.
Soul Oath and Blood Compact can now be applied to 5 different targets at the same time.

Contract Invalidation
Effect: Damage is now applied instantly to all targets with contracts within 400 range. And can now deal a maximum of 200,000 damage.

Cruel Soul Oath
Effect: Now also reduces movement speed by 50%.

Mucky Bloody Compact
Effect: Now also reduces attack speed by 50%.


Ecstacy of Poison Bomb
Effect: Whenever you detonate poison, gain 100 CP.

Venom Cloud
Effect: Increase damage by roughly 18.5% and doesn't overlap other poison effects anymore.

Poison Explosive
Effect: Can now detonate poison in an AoE and doesn't overlap other poison effects. Cooldown has been decreased to 3 seconds from 10 seconds.

Deep Depression
Effect: Further decrease attack and movement speed by 20% if the target is poisoned.


  1. Replies
    1. Personally I like the Snooty Bondager.

  2. hey, does blind blaze still needs to hit with physical dmg?

    i heard it now hits just magic dmg (aka it cant miss anymore)
    does that come with the awakening?

    1. I still uses accuracy, meaning it will deal physical damage with added fire damage.