Prinya: Champion Awakening

Dec 12, 2014

Champion Awakening

Champion Awakening

Stylish Attacker

Interpret the Secret
Effect: Using a skill increases your final damage by 5% for 2 seconds. 
- Stacks with itself up to 5 times and a maximum of 25% increased final damage.

Hawk Sever
Effect: Now removes all cooldowns from your skills for 30 seconds after use.

Final Bullet
Effect: Now has a range of 250(2.5m) instead of 200(2.0m).

Deadly Weapon
Effect: Now also increases final damage by 25% over its duration.

Lazy Assailant

Over Hit
Effect: Hard Blow chance (normal damage × 3) increased by 10%.
- Hard Blow completely ignores fatal blow resistance.

Aura Blast
Effect: Now attacks all enemies within range 4 times, no longer has a mimimum range and now recovers 50% of CP used if it kills an enemy.

Snake Specter
Effect: Now also damages targets around the main target.

Maximum Exceed
Effect: Duration has been increased to 175 seconds. (Cooldown = 180 seconds.)

Absorber of Totemism

The Trinity
Effect: You can now trigger 3 possessions at the same time and while being trinity possessed, your avoidance is increased by 50% for 30 seconds.

Hit Climax
Effect: Now summons an illusion to do the strikes for you and increases fatal blow chance by 10% with each hit.

Puma Festination
Effect: Now has a range of 500(5m).

Bear Stroke
Effect: Now also stuns and decreases movement speed of the target by 35%.


  1. PvE king in my opinion.
    Anyways, great guide, thanks Prii&Nya

  2. does aura blast hit all monsters around you? or does it have a limit on how many?

    1. Not sure, it should be max 10, you could test it.

    2. lol dumb nub it's only 4

  3. thnx prii nice guide by the way! :))