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Dec 14, 2014

Blog Statistics

  • 186 published posts
  • 30 unpublished posts
  • 216 posts
  • 64 pages (many of them are hidden)
  • 75629 total views
  • 429501 total refreshes
  • 1 subscriber
  • 14 guides
  • 2 characters
  • 2 blog contributors
  • 1 fucking amazing game

Daily Views
During the OGPlanet days, this blog had on average 200 views per day. Yesterday we managed to get 1030 views in a single day.

Monthly top most read posts.
As expected the new leveling guide is the top most read post and I guess some people like to use the old one too even though it's mostly based on OGP standards.

Top most read posts of all time.
And ofcourse the old leveling guide has over 4500 views. Happy to see so many people reading my Princess / Witch guide :3

Views per country
USA, Brazil and Japan :3

Monthly views of all time.
And yeah, I'll let this image speak for itself.

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