Prinya: 2012 Winter Update

Dec 2, 2014

2012 Winter Update

A new system called Awakening that grants a class 3 new subclasses with new abilities and skills, these skills cannot be used in guild battles and can only be obtained with a special item and a quest in Brunenstig.
- Added Little Witch awakening
- Added Princess awakening
- Added Squire awakening
- Added Warrior awakening
- Added Opticalist awakening

A new high level premium hunting ground called Damel Underground Labyrinth. It can be accessed through the Ruined city of Damel in the top left corner.
- Damel Underground Labyrinth Entrance (Lv 530-540)
- Damel Underground Labyrinth B1 (Lv 540-550)
- Damel Underground Labyrinth B2 (Lv 550-560)
- Damel Underground Labyrinth B3 (Lv 560-570)
- The Buried Underground Villa B1 (Lv 580-590)
- The Buried Underground Villa B2 (Lv 590-600)
- The Buried Underground Villa B3 (Lv 600-610)
- Hidden Villa Cave (Lv 610-620)

The Trum Forest has been expanded with a south eastern, south western, north western and north eastern side.
- South Eastern Trum Forest (Lv 650-680)
- South Western Trum Forest (Lv 650-700)
- North Western Trum Forest (Lv 665-700)
- North Eastern Trum Forest (Lv 650-700)

34 new quests has been added to the new Trum Forest maps.
- Forest Frog Eggs
- Forest Frog Eggs [Daily]
- Stolen Goods
- Stolen Goods [Daily]
- Male Members Hardship
- Male Members Hardship [Daily]
- Water Quality Test
- Water Quality Test [Daily]
- Zadin's Task
- Zadin's Task [Daily]
- Seize the chance! - Yoroisaru
- Seize the chance! - Yoroisaru [Daily]
- Seize the chance! - Spider
- Seize the chance! - Spider [Daily]
- Emergency Patient
- Emergency Patients [Daily]
- Trouble with the Grandmaster
- Trouble with the Grandmaster [Daily]
- Specific Variants
- Specific Variants [Daily]
- Investigation of Deadly Poison
- Investigation of Deadly Poison [Daily]
- Reclaim a Friendship
- Reclaim a Friendship [Daily]
- Fusho's Dream
- Fusho's Dream [Daily]
- Dream of Conquest
- Dream of Conquest  [Daily]
- Study of Ancient Species
- Study of Ancient Species [Daily]
- Survey
- Survey [Daily]
- Revenge of a Family
- Revenge of a Family [Daily]

Breaking the Limit title level 4 has been added to the game.
This title will increase your maximum physical damage from 24000 to 26000 and maximum magical damage from 30000 to 34000. This quest requires 1500 stone pieces.

Pieces of Pyroxene will now be dropped in guild dungeons and can be exchanged into various items.
Fragments of Pyroxene cannot be traded but can be put in bank.

You get 1-2 pyroxene pieces from killing a guild dungeon boss. You need 100 pyroxene pieces to trade for 1 pyroxene fragment. And you can trade pyroxene fragments for various different items.

Item Name Number of Fragments
Reflecting Shard 25 Summon a minipet for 30 days
Party Revival Scroll 13 All party members gets revived with max HP,
CP increased by 100% for 30 seconds.
[Simplified] Fairy Blade Oil 6 Damage increased by 300% for 300 seconds.
[Simplified] Fairy Armor Oil 6 Defense increased by 300% for 300 seconds.
[Simplified] Ancient Dragon Heart 6 Maintain maximum CP for 2 minutes.
[Simplified] Dragon Heart 6 Maintain maximum CP for 1 minute.
[Simplified] Refined Blade Oil 3 Damage increased by 200% for 300 seconds.
[Simplified] Refined Armor Oil 3 Defense increased by 200% for 300 seconds.
General changes
- You can now search for guild members in the guild list.
- You can now see how much experience the guild needs to level up.
- You can now buy quantities of items by using the numbers on the keyboard.
- Main Quest rewards can now be bought in gold bars.
- You can now activate and deactivate the first ability in autocast.

- You can now use the option "Repair All" to repair all your items at once.
- When you restore health using the NPC in a guild dungeon, pets health points is now also restored.
- Pets now prefere to attack Worm Bited targets.
- Buffs granted from Association NPC will now stay even for pets.
- Resolutions changes will now instantly be applied.
- When feeding an item to a mini-pet, the item name will now be displayed in the warning.
- When storing a location in your portal sphere, a warning message will now be displayed showing both of the locations.
- When ressurected, you will now be immune to monsters for 5 seconds.
- Healer NPC have had their prices reduced.
- New launcher window.
- Seal Ball is now useable for items under level 680 or less instead of level 400 or less.


  1. Are you sure awakening skills cannot be used in pvp? That sucks alot in that case. Imagine all strategy possibilities in gvg if they could be used in pvp.

    1. I agree with you but sadly they can't be used in GvG ):