Prinya: Beastman Guide

Nov 14, 2014

Beastman Guide

Game, header and skill icons by L&K Logic Korea
All text and other images made by Prii
For further questions, post a comment and I will answer.

The Beastman class
Is a damage dealing class that focuses on melee instant damage and area of effect damage. The utility is what makes them such a deadly force. Their very unique bladestyle skills together with their passives and activation skills brings damage and tons of survivability to the battle. Shining through entire game with their various playstyles, you can pretty much go any build you want with them and still slaughter everything in your way.

Single Target Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Movement: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Specialty: Defense, Versatility and Utility

• Very tanky and hard to kill
• Good area and single target damage skills
• Can deal damage based on the health points of the target
• Very good utility skills
• Gains 5 stat points each level
• Can use both male and female gear

• Slow base weapon speed
• Very hard to master
• Uses alot of CP
• Useless transformation (Opticalist)

Trace Cross is your main damage skill, it deals a huge amount of damage especially if you're a Blade Dancer. It should be used whenever you have enough CP to keep spamming it, Finalizing Pound is better for when you don't have much CP regeneration.
Finalizing Pound should be used when you don't wanna be spending much time using potions or when you don't have dark pets.
Blade Shower can be used early game for damage since it doesn't cost as much CP as Phantom Bladestorm.
Phantom Bladestorm is your main AoE damage tool, does an extreme amount of damage to most targets on your screen. You can see it as Elemental Force from Lancer but it always hits twice and also deals physical damage.
Phantasmal Evasion has a very high base damage and doesn't scale at all so it should be used early game to grind. Simply walk into creatures, let them hit you and it will release an illusion that taunts nearby targets.
Hallucination Smoke should be used to increase damage versus bosses or simply to make all your attacks crit.
Unicorn's Lore should be used whenever you have enough time to use it, the range is low so make sure you are close enough to hit targets.

Shadowstep should be used to quickly switch targets, just make sure you're able to quickly click on targets, because you won't be able to Shadowstep to targets you cannot target.
Swift Tumbling is one of the best utility tools in the game, it has a small cast time but you can teleport across the map in no-time at all, there's no running away from Swift Tumbling and there's always running away from others.
Magical Doppelganger can be used to fool enemies in PvP, create an illusion and run in the opposite direction, teleport to it after 2 seconds.

Shadow Curtain is your main defensive skill, whenever it's max level you will most likely never die as you can only take damage once ever 3 seconds.
Turn Against is your main activation skill for power builds, whenever something strikes you it will release swords that deals damage to them.

Winning Groove increases your attack speed by huge amounts when you kill an enemy.
Spiral Horn is huge when fighting party bosses as it can deal more than 10% of their maximum health points.

Sword Barrier is another very strong defensive tool, gives you a shield that blocks more than 40% of all hits against you.
Decoy should be used whenever you're expecting magic damage, has a low duration.

Quickly dash to targets with Shadowstep then spam Trace Cross to quickly burn down targets.
Use Swift Tumbling to get out of fights you're not gonna win or position yourself better.
Keep up Shadow Curtain and Turn Against for addtional defense and damage.
Spiral Horn can be used to make quick work of health stacking enemies.

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
• Knowledge - Improves magical damage.
• Power - Improves physical damage.
• Alacrity - Increases accuracy and avoidance.
• Luck - Improves accuracy and avoidance.
• Health - Increases health points, defense and potion recovery speed.
• Charisma - Improves your resistances and increases your charge points.
• Wisdom - Improves your resistances, elemental resistance and experience gain.

1» Shadowblade [Awakening: Radiance Coordinator (Opticalist)]
Power - 2 each level
Luck - 1 each level
Health - 1 each level until 200 then Power.
Alacrity - 1 each level until 200 then Power.

2» Blade Dancer [Awakening: Radiance Coordinator (Opticalist)]
Knowledge - 2 each level
Luck - 1 each level
Health - 1 each level until 200 then Knowledge.
Alacrity - 1 each level until 200 then Knowledge.

3» Void Slasher [Awakening: Radiance Coordinator (Opticalist)]
Power - 1 each level
Knowledge - 1 each level
Luck - 1 each level
Health - 1 each level until 200 then Power.
Alacrity - 1 each level until 200 then Knowledge.

LevelLocationRespawn Time
Ruined Sibine Fortress
50 minutes
Salty Cave B4
60 minutes
Swep Tower 8F
5 hours and 38 minutes
Southern Trum Forest
Swep Tower B6
7 hours and 38 minutes
Digged Up Ossuary B6
9 hours and 38 minutes
Short Cuts to Dark Elf Palace
10 hours and 38 minutes
Golden Swamp Cave B3
11 hours and 45 minutes
Molinar Tower 6F
12 hours and 50 minutes


(Eternal, Gianyang and Moye)
- Damage
- Attack Speed
- Power / Knowledge


(Elite Librarian, Blood-red Ghoul, Black Label, Safe Cage, Drake Plume, Serene Intruder, Angel Robe)
- Avoidance
- Health Points (%)

(Trap Revealer, Leather Heels, Big Burglar Shoes)
- Alacrity, Luck
- Movement Speed (%)

(Schildheim, Form Guard, Butterfly Sting, Cannibalister)
- Attack Speed
- Power

(Belt of Air Dragon, Anti Charger, Chain Square)
- Health
- Luck

(Steel Neckpiece, Stray Stalker, Amethystian)
- Luck
- Health Points (%)
- Skill Level
- Attack Speed

(Florence's Circlet, King of Elemental)
- Knowledge
- Luck
- Health Points (%)
- Skill Level

(Starchild, Ankh Earrings, Breath of Goddess)
- Health Points (%)
- Skill Level

(Shark Fin, Hard fist)
- All abnormal resistances
- Fatal blow resistance
- Abnormal resistance
- Dropped system resistance
- Decisive blow resistance
- Curse resistance

(Weaken Light, Strengthen Light)
- Skill level
- Attack speed

All skills are based of skill level 50
Bold text shows scaling
Scaling is based of 1 skill level

Double Swing [1]
Slash your target twice, dealing 100% physical damage and 6-106 light damage.

Extro Cutoff [2]
Slash your target, dealing 125% physical damage and 15-295 light damage. Has a 100% chance to slow the movement speed of the target by 25% for 15 seconds.

Unbeaten Twin Blade [3]
Swing both your swords in a circle around you, dealing 161% physical damage and 15-295 light damage twice over 1.25 seconds.
- Radius: 0.8

Finalizing Pound [4]
Continuously slash your target with your swords, dealing 215% physical damage and 17-247 light damage over 10 attacks.
- Max 10 attacks.

Trace Cross [4]
Creates 6 illusions of yourself to slash the target, dealing 102% physical damage and 100-530 light damage per illusion.
- Max 6 illusions.

Launching Illusion Blade [1]
Throw your blade at the target, dealing 100% physical damage and 8-108 light damage.
- Range: 3.5

Returning Illusion Harpoon [2]
Throw your blade as a harpoon on the target, dealing 130% physical damage and 2-182 light damage. The target also returns to you on successful hit.
- Range: 3.5

Blade Shower [3]
Create an illusion blade to deal damage to all targets in the area, dealing 110% physical damage and 23-453 light damage.
- Radius: 2.5(+0.02)
- Range: 5

Horde of Boomerang Swords [4]
Throw your blade as a boomerang in a cone, dealing damage on throw and return. Dealing 115-265 physical damage and 15-265 light damage.
- Range: 4.5
- Cone: 20 degrees

Phantom Bladestorm [5]
Spin your blades around, dealing 220% physical damage and 10-610 light damage twice to everyone caught in the slashes.
- Radius: 3.5(+0.03)
- Range: 4.5
- Attacks: 2

Shadow Overstep [3]
Quickly dash to the target critically slashing the target, dealing 83% physical damage and 5-195 light damage.
- Range: 10
- This skill will always land a critical hit.

Magical Doppelganger [4]
Creates an illusion at the target location, dealing 155-305 physical damage and 3-233 light damage to everyone in the area. Upon second use, instantly teleport to the illusion.
- Range: 6
- Max 1 illusion.
- Illusion duration: 3 seconds
- Radius: 2.5(+0.02)

Phantasmal Evasion [3]
Activation skill, has a 60%(+0.8%) chance on damage taken to summon an illusion that releases a shockwave dealing 6000 magic damage when the illusion takes damage. The illusion can be attacked by monsters. The illusion also taunts targets close to it.
- Explosion range: 3
- Max 70% chance.
- Illusion duration: 10 seconds
- Does not damage Players.
- Works in duels though.
- Max 1 shockwave.

Shadow Curtain [5]
Activation skill, has a 19%(+0.03) chance on damage taken to become invincible for 3 seconds.
- Max 30% chance.

Hallucination Smoke [3]
Explode in smoke, dealing 85-185 physical damage and 6-186 light damage to everyone within range. Also increasing the chance to critically hit everyone hit by the smoke by 85%(+10%) for 10 seconds.
- Radius: 3(+0.02)
- Max 85% chance to critically hit the targets.

Swift Tumbling [3]
Tumble to the target location with extreme speed, dealing weapon damage to all targets caught in the tumble.
- Range: 15

Aerial Rotation [2]
Jump up in the air and upon landing, deal 65% physical damage and 2-132 light damage knocking back anyone hit.
- Knockback range: 1.3
- Range: 2

Shock Unleashed [2]
Activation skill, have a 90% chance upon taking damage to deal 2-130 light damage and shock the target for 10% damage every second for 10 seconds.

Turn Against [5]
Activation skill, upon taking damage have a 65% chance to release 11 swords damaging the enemy, dealing 150% physical damage.
- Max 12 strikes.
- Damage decreases with each hit, sort of like Chaser from Archer.

Unicorn's Lore [4]
Release a powerful roar, dealing 108-308 physical damage and 8-328 light damage to everyone within range. Also lowering their light resistance by 40%(+0.6) for 153(+3) seconds and decreases their damage done by 40%(+0.03) for 10 seconds.
- Max 45% lower light resistance.
- Max 50% lower damage done.

Winning Groove [2]
Passive, every time you kill an enemy it passively increases your attack speed by 34%(+0.5) for 260(+5) seconds.
- Does not stack with itself.
- Max 45% increased attack speed.

Spiral Horn [5]
Passive, your attacks have a chance to deal 10% physical damage based on their maximum health points.
- This can only occur once every skill used.
- Damage is displayed in pink.
- Maximum 10% physical damage.

Sword Barrier [4]
Surround yourself with a sword, blocking 34%(+0.5) of all hits for 530(+10) seconds.
- Max 50% chance to block.
- Automatically uses it on yourself, unlike Shield of Magical Protection (Squire) and Misty Mirror (Lancer).

Decoy [3]
Create an illusion that increases your elemental resistances by 35%(+0.5) for 153(+3) seconds.

Blade Sharpening [1]
Sharpen your swords using your swords, charging your charge points by 40 over 0.94(-0.06)seconds.

1» Shadowblade [Awakening: Radience Coordinator]
1. Phantasmal Evasion [50]
2. Swift Tumbling [1]
3. Phantom Bladestorm [50]
4. Sword Barrier [15]
5. Hallucination Smoke [50]
6. Trace Cross or Finalizing Pound [50]
7. Winning Groove [50]
8. Sword Barrier [50]
9. Decoy [50]
10. Spiral Horn [50]
11. Shadow Curtain or Turn Against (Optional) [50]
12. Time Control (Opticalist) [50]
13. Veil of Light (Opticalist) [50]
14. (Awaken Veil of Light) [1]

2» Blade Dancer [Awakening: Radiance Coordinator]
1. Phantasmal Evasion [50]
2. Swift Tumbling [1]
3. Phantom Bladestorm [50]
4. Sword Barrier [15]
5. Winning Groove [50]
6. Trace Cross [50]
7. Sword Barrier [50]
9. Time Control (Opticalist) [50]
10. Veil of Light (Opticalist) [50]
11. (Awaken Veil of Light) [1]
12. Unicorn's Lore [50]
13. Decoy [50]
14. Spiral Horn [50]

3» Void Slasher [Awakening: Radience Coordinator]
1. Phantasmal Evasion [50]
2. Swift Tumbling [1]
3. Trace Cross or Finalizing Pound [50]
4. Sword Barrier [15]
5. Hallucination Smoke [50]
6. Phantom Bladestorm [50]
7. Winning Groove [50]
8. Sword Barrier [50
9. Spiral Horn [50]
10. Unicorn's Lore [50]
11. Shadow Curtain or Turn Against (Optional) [50]
12. Time Control (Opticalist) [50]
13. Veil of Light (Opticalist) [50]
14. (Awaken Veil of Light) [1]
15. Decoy [50]


  1. Afffff, you say a con is that they basically are either beastman or optical not both, couldn't the same be said of squire/warrior? ~w~ okie? Reasoning behind this is if you play squire you've got no need for warrior, but in the otherhand if you're warrior you're going to get outdamaged by squire late game in gvg and pve. asheuasheu okie? ~w~

    1. Opticalist strengths is slightly worse than other classes with the same strengths. Magician is far more useful if you want AoE damage. And as a Magician you get Meteor, Fiery, Haste, Smoke and Heal all at the same time instead of just Meteor and Fiery.

      500-700 damage
      uses 390 CP
      115% to 75% efficiency
      450 range.
      2.75m radius

      Light buff
      52 light damage
      360 seconds

      uses 420 CP
      125% to 85% efficiency
      Weapon Range
      4m radius

      Fiery Enchant
      52 fire damage
      360 seconds

  2. Okie, I'm confused though, why are you investing knowledge as opposed to say, strength, luck or agil?

  3. Also as a beastman, what buffs from Opticalist would you recommend taking and maxing?

  4. what aura should i go for early game and late?

  5. what do u think is better weaken or str light pin?

    1. I've always been a fan of weaken, because it weaken the strengths instead of strengthening the weaknesses.

    2. But, it really comes down to the resistance of the mob. If you're fighting a mob without resistance then you should use strengthen. But if the mob has over let's say 30-40% resistance then weaken will be better.

    3. how do you know if a mob have resistance and %'s ? :O

    4. I can check what elemental resistances a monster have. But this time it was just an assumption.

    5. Also let me restate myself. The reason weaken is better than strenghten is because weaken is a multiplier and strenghten is added.

  6. tyvm again Love all the help i get herexD keep it up!

  7. is beast man usefull in sw and such?

  8. i dont get it, so this is the only class you dont max ur charge cp skill with?

    1. You won't need it, your other skills / potions should be enough to keep your CP up.

    2. Like what skills? Can you break it down a bit? Im looking for a squires ss-doi type build. Or maybe a lancers entrapment-rapid sting type cp gainer then big hitter move. All surrounded by suitable passives etc. Ty much :)

    3. Beastman have no real CP gainer, you're gonna have to stick with potions or dark pets.

    4. A Decent CP Gainer is the Launch Illusion harpoon ability, it takes 3 hits for me to get full CP currently at lvl 178 with lvl 50 L.I.H. and CP bar around 200-400 max (not on the character atm)

  9. For a con you forgot to put that beastmen are cross dressers.

  10. After putting more skill levels into it does Decoy give multiple clones like Monk's Illusion

    1. No, the illusion is just an animation and serves no purpose other than letting you know that it's still on.

    2. I know I was just wondering because on top of the uses of the skill I find the multiple clones following you when you use illusion look nice :P

  11. What's the best awakening for pwr/knowledge build?

  12. Where do i find banshee's to farm pins at, or can I just farm ghosts and get a decent 50% light weakness pin?

    1. Also what level are banshee's

    2. Farm pin in Ancient Ruins Vampires

    3. Hmm. for other ones what if i'm around lvl 177

    4. Hunt Ghosts, only one I can think of right now is Grave of Magic Mercenaries B1.

    5. there are some lv 200+ banshees at salty b7 i think, did they implemente beastman awaken yet bomina?

  13. In terms of leveling up through the guides, I assume Shadowblade followed by blade dancer followed by void is the best in terms of solo leveling for party bosses?

    1. Knowledge is by far the strongest in the earlymidgame, but hits its peak at max damage and won't go further than that. You need to focus alot of attack speed gear to make it succesful.
      Power has always been the gear heavy type of build for all classes, having really high tier gear would certainly make power a great option.
      Hybrid is the lategame carry / PvP character. Having 2 damage types is really good if you can max out the other.
      Gear is hard to come by these days, that's why you see so many Lancers and Archers, because they require little to no effort on players part to make it succesful.

    2. Ugh, I guess I'll restat then, current BM build is 502 base power, 601 base alac +262, 300 health base so I can use a light weaken pin, 478 luck(my level), 480 know, no wis and 100 charisma. Guess I can just pull points out of alac and throw it into power on top of reducing wis down to 300 know for the EW 9/10 requirement.

  14. Also, stat wise at what point would I want to start adding knowledge into a strength build? and what would be a good number to stop at, know wise 300-600? more?

    1. When you can hit max damage with either type, start adding points into the other.

    2. vvhat is the max damage possible on beastman or if possible may i have a link to or an explanation of hovv to tell/calculate the max?

  15. Are there any places to farm this armors and Gianjang and Moye?

    1. Mid Trum for class armors and if I'm not mistaken, Hidden camp for twinsword.

  16. Soo why onnly 200 ala?

  17. I have a few tips to add for beastman if yahdontmind~ :3
    For Plvl and luring: Launching illusion harpoon has a 100% pull and gains CP

    Turn against auto kills weak mobs that attack you if your damage is high enough giving the feeling of enemies just dieing being near you which helps against being killed during luring,

    Swift tumbling through enemies like collo allows you to gather their aggro and move on, instead of running because running always makes it hard for me to aim illusion harpoon, i swift tumble within range of my harpoon, and pull them, making for quicker luring

    with Guang and Moye i practically have infinite cp with a maxed Finalizing Pound, Having a demon sorceress to buff with dark enchanting, along with high attack speed makes quick work of enemies and saves cp, able to use with firey and light buff as well

    another fun thing with illusion harpoon in pvp is reverse ping ponging the enemies back and forth with another beastman

    also wouldnt beastman/opti hybrid be better for aoe and single target since opticalist aoe is less cp cost and really strong damage (not the best but meh)

    Hallucination smoke works for the entire team and i really like that

    1. Knockback resistance counters Harpoon in PvP, thank you for your comment.

  18. I heard Beastman has awakening on the other server, will you update this as soon as you find out what it is?