Prinya: Why Red Stone needs to shut down

Oct 21, 2014

Why Red Stone needs to shut down

Red Stone needs to shut down so we can be picked up by someone who cares. Red Stone is a very profitable game if ran the right way, not the way it's ran at the moment. OGPlanet just dont know what they're doing, they're just trying to profit as much as possible these days, they wanna spend close to nothing and gain as much as possible doing so. But nowadays they have stopped caring completely, and thats their downfall.

If they think they can fix this, they should've thought about it a long time ago. They should protect themselves against stuff before it happens, instead of cleaning and putting stuff together again after it's done.

If you look through all OGPlanet forums you'll see it hasn't been updated in a very long time. Thats because "It works, so let's not change stuff.". The mindset of idiots. If you wanna make something successful, you gotta change stuff, you have to improve it all the time.

If you have been living under a stone this year and a half this has been going on, let me show you something thats gonna blow your mind.

First time we saw shit went down was back in April 2013, when someone in the game traded around agile tigers, stray stalkers and rings that had insane amounts of offensive power on them.

This was the outbreak. Someone had found a way to create items without being a GM. But around this time, we had no clue what was going on. We had no idea on what kind of scale this was.

Next time was this year, again some random guy in town traded around 50 gold bars to people. This was absurd and was taken care of really quickly, we thought.

Now a few months back some brazilians opened a private server and it all started from there, someone got on hold of this thing that had been going on since April 2013 and started using it on the private server, which would later be its downfall too. Then people secretly used it on OGPlanets Red Stone without getting caught. However, this hack spread really quickly and started picking up pace when someone found a potion that could roll back your character.

They created this potion using a program called Cheat Engine that edits packets that the client sends to the server. However, since the server doesn't allow a player to successfully transform an item into another item there had to be a backdoor, the hacker(s) found that you could transform an item into a Peddler Badge.

A Peddler Badge is pretty much a shop with a few items in it and access to your bank from anywhere.

With the badge they could change the items that the store sold. So could they could successfully buy money with money (Logic I know). However, they could also change the contents of the store to spheres, unique items, badges, insanely powerful weapons and rings and so on.

All they needed was the Unique ID of the item. Since this was completely random it took some time to find the rare items.

However, with the potion. If you rollback your character you can successfully create any item in the game without the fear of failiure, because when you fail, you roll back your character obviously.

This rollback was done with a Strength Potion.

Using this has a 14% chance to kick you from the game and you will have all the items you had from the last "save". (Saving your character is done when you logout and in).

Heres how it's done:
1. Trade your best items to your character with potions.
2. Relog.
3. Give back the items to your main character.
4. Use the potions until you rollback your character.
5. You have successfully duplicated your items.

With this trick came best in slot items.

If you think this is all then I'll be happy to tell show you some other stuff like.

Tiger Achievement

+230 Skill Level Spear
+190 Skill Level Staff
+190 Skill Level Spear Thrower
+190 Skill Level Demon Armor

+255% Attack Speed Bangle

Breaking the Limit Lv3

A few others:
Restat, Reskill, Guild Emblem Pieces, Guild Statue Pieces, Instant Guild Ticket

You can also do other fun stuff like, become a GM and teleport to places that you can't otherwise go to.

Here is how it looks:

Right now there are probably over 30 people with this, banning them wont fix anything.