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Oct 22, 2014


If you read forums or my blog you might've noticed that I hate OGPlanets forum and I have been constantly telling them to do something about it, because it's utter trash.
But. Today is the day, they have finally changed the forum of one of their games, Dizzel!
And guess what they changed it to?

Fuckin' hell. Seriously!

They didn't bother spending time actually changing the theme, they are still using the original theme that comes with the bulletin.

Heres how it looks:

Heres the original (Found on google):

If they had any clue of what they're doing they would've chosen to pay for vBulletin which is the best and most used forum bulletin hands down. It's also the one any sane person would've chosen.

Owell... I guess it's better than the one they're using now.

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