Prinya: Tamer Awakening

Jun 9, 2014

Tamer Awakening


Dignified Sheperd

A Good Day To Train
Effect: Weather effects are now applied to all pets no matter what type of pet they are. However, the attack speed from Cloudy Day only gives a third of the normal amount.

Effect: Now heals both pets at the same time instantly.

Cheer Up
Effect: Increases the cap to 150 levels instead of 75 levels.

Effect: Now heals pet to 50% aswell.

Benevolent Sheperd
Dual Command
Effect: Pets can now take 2 orders at the same time.

Feed More Chili
Effect: No longer has a cap on how many Spice of Life you can use, but the 26th+ only gives half the bonus.

Offensive Stance
Effect: Now also increases critical strike chance by 5% at Lv50.
- Max: 20%

Defensive Stance
Effect: Now also increases block chance by 5% at Lv50.
- Max 20%

Warm Sheperd
Effect: You're now able to tame elite pets.
- See this post.
- If you reskill you can still use the pets tamed by this ability.

Expert of Brainwashing
Effect: After taming a pet, its level is now 85% of original level instead of 75%. Tamed pet level increased by 25. And chance of taming a pet is now 70%.
- Max 90%

Effect: Now has a much larger aura radius and increases experience pets gain by 60% instead of 50% and also have an increased cap of 200% too.

Effect: Activation skill, now doubles the maximum loyalty of the pet and increases its level by 25%. After taming, the pet will have maximum loyalty.
- Max 40%


  1. I've always only thought of cloudy but now I'm wondering does foggy's avoidance work too?

  2. kindly confirm if awakened tamer's "A Good day to Train" will also affect summoned spirits (kelby, windy, swelper and hedger)

  3. ^ yes it does affect them but like the warning will say, if it's not demon it only gains half or less of the effect of cloudy