Prinya: Red Stone Japan

Jun 2, 2014

Red Stone Japan

I started a character in the japanese version of Red Stone and I'll be playing it for a while until I'm ready to surrender to the japanese letters. I'll still be playing OGP Red Stone dont worry!

I started off as a Maid on a few different servers while trying out the game. I lagging really badly the first hour or so while trying to getting it to work properly. Just doing the first quest to get into the game.

The fountain SD seems to be dead during the night. This was on Red Emerald server. 

 After I realized that Maid might be too hard to start off with I made a Beastman to try them out. Very slow weapons indeed.

I started a new one and joined a friend from Twitter Wing and soon hopefully Shigebis on their server Sunrise. I really enjoyed it.

 The exp seems to be pretty much the same as OGP Red Stone, remember this exp I get is without sphere.

 After seeing Red Stones in the top corner getting turned in every 1 min or so I decided to check how many they've turned in. Let's just say they have turned in a few more than we have.

 Found a strange elixir and Wing told me it was used for awakening your skills. See Awakening Update.

 The Japs have completely immigrated their shops to Arian for some reason. I have no idea why but thats just the way it is.

 Trying out Beastmans really cool armors and joined Wings guild finally!

 Livin' the dream in Wings storage guild. Thats a few gold bars he got.

 He decided to buff me with his (Lv 220) Haste and Fiery Enchant. I did around 3500 damage which is pretty much the same as level 849 Mysterio's buffs. Wing is level 650.

 This is going to be a problem whenever I loot items or want to go somewhere.

Really enjoying the skill Phantasm Evasion which releases an illusion whenever you take damage that forces all mobs to attack it. If they attack it the illusion release a big shockwave dealing insame amounts of damage. I'm following my own Beastman Guide, guides come in handy when I can't even read what skills does, even for me.

Will post more tommorrow!


  1. Good post prii. Can you make mini guide on how to get jp working ??


    1. I'm not sure yet, I don't want people to quit OGP to play JP. Some people have been calling me "selfish" for doing this. Whatever.

  2. Trust me i wont quit lol i put 3 years into my thief not going no were. Just would like to test the new classes, awakening skill. You know the new stuff we never going to get lol.

    1. To test awakening skill you're gonna have to get to 300 first, which will be the ultimate challenge because you dont have sphere and you dont understand a single word any of the NPC's or players say. Maybe this will awaken you xD

  3. how did you access the japan server? ^.^

  4. Time to report someone from Europe accessed the jp server

  5. The OGP Forums have been deleted. Can you put up the guides to a blog or some other place? If you happen to lost them I have a backup from some of them.

    1. This is my blog and they are on this blog.


      Here is the OGP forum, from web-archive :)

  6. any idea what that 800 quest is called? started it but lost the starting quest name so cant find it again lol