Prinya: How to know when someone lost an argument / debate

Jun 17, 2014

How to know when someone lost an argument / debate

  • The person cannot stay on topic.
  • The person tries to close the argument before you’ve responded to something they’ve said.
  • The person reverts to something else though not appropriate for the particular discussion.
  • The person starts handing out inappropriate compliments.
  • They cannot agree to disagree.

Examples of when someone lost:
  • (Insult)
  • Shut up
  • I'm better than you
  • You win because you're overpowered
  • You spend too much money on this game
  • You do this and thats why you win
  • I know more about this than you do
  • Come back when you know how to do this


  1. i still haven't gotten a response from you regarding my post on the GvG forum thread :(

  2. I cannot agree to one thing you said - "You spend too much money on this game". Because that's just how it is, take a good look at it, redstone is a pay to win game you agree with it or not. For example, if you disagree, just replace the gear that you've made with money with the gear that is obtained from drops or main quest rewards (1/3 or 1/2 stat items, just single or x2 only hp% prefixes and so on), and just go to a gvg against your level characters who have the best gear from astros, and you'll start seeing the difference immediately. Now for example princess can hide in inventory, that is one way you can still get out of there alive, but let's take a look at squire or thief for example, there's just no way they can take down someone who has best gear with 1/3 items and so on.

    I agree with the fact that extractors can be obtained by gold farming, but it just takes very large amounts of time, that's why so many choose not to do so.

    - Just some player who has quit.

  3. How to know when someone lost an argument: they post on their blog because they're so salty after losing