Prinya: Effects

Jun 12, 2014


Special Buffs
Increase attack power
Increase defense capability
Increase accuracy / target capability
Increase avoidance / evasion
Increase attack speed
Increase magic damage
Increase movement speed

Attack Modifiers
  • Knockback (effect: the target gets pushed back)
  • Knockout (effect: all actions gets canceled)
  • Deadly Strike (effect: target takes double normal damage)
  • Double Critical Strke (effect: target takes double critical damage [only if difference in luck is 400% or more])
  • Swipe (effect: target takes tripple damage) (cannot be resisted)
  • Critical Dodge (effect: target cannot take critical damage [only if difference in luck is 400% or more])
  • Decisive Blow (effect: target takes 1/3 of remaining hp + damage)
    [4% of targets remaining hp + damage in PvP]
  • Instant death (effect: target dies instantly [does not work in PvP])
  • Shock (effect: damage taken increased by 10%)
  • Bleed (effect: damage taken equals to 16.6% of initial damage done every 2 seconds for 6 seconds up to 50% of initial damage done. Does not work with Decisive Blow and Fatal Blow)

  • Decisive Blow
    Effect: on hit (1/3 of remaining hp + damage)
    - Also known as "crush". Decisive Blow resistance is mostly used in grinding.
    - Does not work in PvP and will be Fatal Blow instead.
  • Fatal Blow
    Effect: on hit (does 2 times normal damage / 2 times critical damage)
    - Also known as critical strike
  • Dropped System
    Effect: on debuff
    - Sunder: monster attack power reduced by 1/3 (only works on monsters)
    - Armor Destruction: monster defense is reduction by 3/4 (only works on monsters)
    - Decrease in hit rate: Hit chance is reduced (example skill: lower accuracy, ultra nova)
    - Decrease in evasion: Avoidance is reduced (example skill: lower accuracy, ultra nova)
    - Decrease in attack power: Attack power is reduced (example skill: lower might, ultra nova)
    - Decrease in defense: Defense is reduced (example skill: lower might, ultra nova)
    - Slow attack: Attack speed is reduced (example skill: lower might, ultra nova)
    - Movement impairing: Movement speed is reduced (example skill: star release)
    - Confinement: Movement speed is restrictied (example skill: spider web, arachnaphobia, rabbit rush) (does not work vs those skills)
    - Decrease in resistance: Elemental resistances is reduced (example skill: ultra nova, lower resistance) (does not work for flower shower)
  • Curse
    Effect: on debuff / attack
    - Madness: Can only use level 2 skills and below (example skill: on hit: berserk, slash sound)
    - Decrease in AI: Turns off auto attack skill
    - Decrease in level: Level is reduced (example skill: lower level, hammer of the heavens)
    - Reversal: Power and alacrity switches with knowledge and wisdom.
    - Mirror: Take darkness damage when you use skill (example skill: dark torture, worm bite)
    - Needle: Take darkness damage when you miss skill (example skill: impulse, self-reproof)
  • Abnormal
    Effect: on attack
    - Darkness: Cant move, attack, be attacked, use skill, use items (example skill: Hwabyung)
    - Poison: Take poison damage per second (example skill: Mortal Cloud)
    - Sleep: Can't do anything and cannot be cleansed (example skill: Slumber, Prattler)
    - Nightmare: Incapacitated and takes darkness damage each second (example skill: Terrible Dreams)
    - Freeze: Can't do anything (example skill: Elemental Force, Burst of Water)
    - Cold: All speed decreases by 50% (example skill: Touch of Cold)
    - Stun: Cant do anything but can use items (example skill: stun attack)
    - Paralyzis: Cant do anything (example skill: Shield of Bitterness, Twirling Protector, Mighty Will)
    - Mineralization: Cannot move, all resistances reduuced to 0, damage taken reduces by 50% (example skill: Touch of Petrification)
    - Confusion: PvE: Hits itself and cant do anything but can use items
    PvP: Cannot use skill level 2 or higher. (example skill: Spreading Candy, Florence Special)
    - Charm: Cant do anything and allies become enemies (example skill: charm, charm attack)


  1. Is monster drop AI % the same as decrease in AI? Like they just stop attacking you?