Prinya: Archer Awakening

Jun 9, 2014

Archer Awakening


Quick Reload
Effect: Passively increases attack speed by 20%.

Interval Bomber
Effect: Now bombards the target 3 times, once for each time you hit them. Effectively increases the damage this skill does by 300%.

Stalk Arrow
Effect: Now has a 5% chance to critically strike the target.

Deadly Chaser
Effect: Now does damage equals to 85% damage done of each hit instead of 75%.

Arcane Marksman
Swift Learner
Effect: Passively increases knowledge equal to your level ÷ 2.

Gliding Blaze
Effect: Now installs a totem at the center for the fire that reduces enemy fire resistance by 25% and increases party members elemental damage by 30% for 30 seconds. Maximum for 3 totems can be installed at the same time. If you go outside of the totem area the effect disappears.

Rewind Marker
Effect: Now ignores unit attacks.

Ward Post
Effect: Now always does full damage no matter how far away the targets are.

Launching Ambusher
Effect: Passively increases health equal to your level ÷ 5.

Great Albastross
Effect: No longer switches to spear when used.

Bone Squasher
Effect: Now increases critical strike chance of Great Albastross by 100% for 5 seconds.

Mirrormere Mistress
Effect: Now has a maximum of 70% chance to block instead of 60%.

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