Prinya: Time is money, friend

May 23, 2014

Time is money, friend

The VN server forces people to play their server. They have 2 things in mind, stealing accounts and/or making money. I can tell you this from experience, I have hosted a private server for a game called Tibia. Also called open Tibia (OT). Today, OT is almost bigger than the official version because people can make so much money from hosting a server for 50$ a month and gaining up to 5000$ a month from so called donations. Hosting a server costs time and money though, nobody is gonna do it for fun.
The worst dedicated server you can buy today is probably under 30$ a month, but you're not gonna get far with that. They can range up to 700$ a month, some sites even go further than that.

Would you rather waste your time supporting people who try to steal accounts and/or make money, be my guest. But when the time is right, don't come back crying that your account got hacked or you wasted money on shit.

I do not play any private servers, so if you see anyone with my name(s), it's an imposter.


  1. Well, the making money part, I feel like OGP does a bit more of that than VN especially considering their prices so not really a valid reason to hate on VN. (This post does not reflect my opinion of VN)

  2. Yea Caesar.
    The VN price is cheaper than OGP, but I think Prii wanted to say we should not pay money to incredible host.
    OGP is company and VN is private, therefore, OGP have more responsibility to work on RS, but VN does not have responsibility as OGP.

    That's why most of private server usually die during half year.

  3. lol so spending money on ogp rs is ok and spending money on VN rs is wasting money?

    1. OGPlanet has the license to do so.

    2. Similar to stealing something and selling it.

  4. Lol
    I don't say "spending money on ogp rs is ok and spending money on VN rs is wasting money"
    I and bomina said OGP is credible and VN is incredible.
    In fact, I already heard rumor VN server gonna close and open soon lol
    It meant they can close whenever they want.

  5. We have not said "You should not play it!"
    It is totally your choice to play VN or not =]. However, OGP already announce to warn about risk to play VN, so if you have trouble by it, they won't help players who played in VN.

  6. please post proof of these actual hacks id like to see?, im pretty sure you just like to point fingers, if you dont have proof dont post bullshit :)