Prinya: Prinya Update

May 14, 2014

Prinya Update

If I had the money I'd buy this, but NyaNya spent the billion we had on Karls' Padding. It doesn't matter though, Karls' Padding is a really good item too (^・ω・^)
If I had this ring I'd have 4 all abnormal resistance rings.

They are worth well over 500m gold. 36% all resistance is the same as having a 108% abnormal / curse or dropped system resistance ring.

I killed Voltar in siege war with my Archer :3! I need my light pets for her to work properly though, during the last few GvGs I've had some problems with her.

We've had a few GvGs versus Underworld lately, even though we win every time it feels like they get better each time, maybe they will take the win next time? They have a few good characters in the guild, a 4th rebirth thief level 740, and Veloster level 680 4th rebirth archer.

I also applied to become a game sage, not because I want something for helping people, but more for being a symbol of hope for the community, someone who helps the newcomers and introduces them to the game. I've always done stuff for the community, this blog for example. I have over 200 daily hits and I'm sure lots of people started playing / came back to the game just because of this blog.

The interview itself was bad, really bad. The questions were hard to answer and had no context at all. Not that my skills or that I dont meet the requirements, it was more because the questions were obvious questions, questions they already know the answer to. I think the best question they could ask would be; "Why should we choose you as a Game Sage?". Well, hope they make the right decisions here.

Thats all.

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