Prinya: How to see if an item is fake

May 19, 2014

How to see if an item is fake

edit: Rumours says he is banned now.

So you might've seen this guy before. He's sitting in brunenstig selling his tripple prefixed items for US-dollars $. Now, how do we see if those items are actually fake? And if they are, dont buy them or you might've bought an item that has a high chance to be removed from the game. And if you bought it for real money you wont get any refunds.

So this guy had an Aged Garment with tripple prefixes. Now we have only seen an Aged Garment once or twice before, both of them now owned by Bboycloudz.
However, Aged Garment has a random suffix. A suffix is the stats the item has without it being a prefix. For example the green text here on Aged Garment from Argents Item List.

Aged Garments suffix is luck and defense, it has a chance to have 16-21 defense and 30-60 luck whenever you drop it. The chance being completely random. So the chance of you dropping a 60 luck Aged Garment is 1/30. Now if we add the defense suffix on top of that, 5 different defenses the armor can have we now build up to 1/1000 chance of dropping a 21 defense with 60 luck Aged Garment. Do you see where this is going? No? Let me show you.

Totora has a 21 defense, 60 luck tripple prefixed Aged Garment. I have only seen an unprefixed version of this item twice before, one of them being awarded completely free from an event. If that doesn't add up for you let me tell you the odds of making a tripple prefixed item is 1/30, the other 29 is completely destroyed.

If an item is made by a GM, the item will always have the best suffixes.

Big Burglar shoes trippled prefixed, suffix = knockback resistance 6% to 8% and defense 1-2.


  1. Nice gears. I'd say the aged atleast is hacked. Not only from the random stats you point out being capped, but from the obscene rarity of the item and the guy risking not 1, but 3 different enchants. Most in there right mind would have stopped at 1 or 2 enchants. If cash was all he wanted why risk 3?

    If he had 2 of them with the exact same green stats then ya, it would be pretty much the nail in the coffin.

    It says alot about this games future, doesn't it? Shops in spawn and fountain (most popular spots) offering cash transactions shows the level of Gm involvement.

    Game guard or something like it is only another complaint to add to this company. Hacked items have been proven to be in the game for awhile, such as Heartstealers "stray stalker drop at def hills" and more new ones seem to be added as your screens above.

    Why do people bother putting $2 into this game anymore?
    OG needs to die and redstone go to someone who gives a damn.

  2. I am in complete agreement with Klien. If the game was moved to a new company I would play again.

  3. I do agree with you to some extent. However, I play this game to have fun and if it doesn't affect me in a negative way I will keep playing until I'm not having fun anymore. I love Red Stone and I think lots of people already know that, after devoting so much of my time making it a better place for everyone else. I'm not gonna leave the game because of some hacked gears.