Prinya: MsCarrot's Magician Guide

Apr 16, 2014

MsCarrot's Magician Guide

I have made a new updated guide of the Magician, this time it has some new stuff that I've been working on, the guides now shows what items you should try to get and have a much more detailed skill descriptions. I spent a whole 6 hours making and polishing this, enjoy! Click the image to go to the guide!


  1. I do like the guide, I think you need a little power to wear armors though.

    On a side note, I was wondering if you could check something for me. Maybe even tell me. I see you have statistics in all your guides on dmg% and base damages for skills, could you help me find the specifics for two in particular ? Class being opti and the skills being time control and Photon Dynamics. thank you in advance.

    1. I have added a little reminder on top of the stats section that says "Requirements should be acquired regardless of build."

      Time Control
      The opticalist charges for 1.1(-0.01) seconds to stop time, avoiding all physical damage for 6(+0.02) seconds after the charging is completed.
      CP consumption: -250
      Cooldown: 105 seconds(-0.3)

      Photon Dynamics:
      The opticalist is able to control light damage, decreasing the gap between minimum and maximum damage by 52%(+0.7%).
      Maximum: 80%