Prinya: Where is Bomi?

Mar 4, 2014

Where is Bomi?

So, I've haven't written any new posts in a while and I have a few reasons for that. The main thing is that I haven't been home, I've actually been playing other games with a friend of mine at his place. I try to keep my Red Stone life away from my real life. Mainly because I dont want any of my friends to play the same game as me. I have been online though to answer as many questions as possible and I still have my duties to do such as poin war, siege war and keeping my guild together. I hope you guys don't miss me too much. If you have any question you can always pm me on Prii, even if I'm afk I'll answer it when I see it.

Heres something new from LnK, skins, something new they're going to add. Sort of like new appearances.

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