Prinya: MsCarrot's Maid Guide

Feb 12, 2014

MsCarrot's Maid Guide

Now I have made a maid guide without ever playing a maid, I know it's not the best but I'm sure it's decent atleast. Feel free to check it out at on the ogplanet forums: MsCarrot's Maid Guide PRE-RELEASE EDITION 

I've been reading alot about them and it seems like they're a jack of all trades, they're not a master at anything but they're good at everything. A class with very few weaknesses but also very few strengths.

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  1. So basically you are making a guide for a toon you have never, ever played yet make it seem in your guide that you know exactly what you are talking about. Congrats, now let me go make a guide as to how to use a chainsaw. You know, I've seen some videos and maybe read a couple foreign guides (but no worries, I have the proness of google translate!), so you know, I'm a total expert! Quit misleading people and quit making guides for classes you have never played.