Prinya: The Endgame

Jan 18, 2014

The Endgame

When I first started Red Stone, my goals were first of all; to become someone.
I wanted people to recognize me. I wanted people to know my name.
From todays perspective, I can say I have managed to do that quite well.

But why do I play Red Stone? For the endgame? What the fuck is the endgame?
The endgame is where the game ends. What do you do when you're finished with the game?
What I think; PvP, which is supposed to be the major factor for playing the game. However! People dont see this, people think PvP is the place where you show how much damage you can do. NO!
You're supposed to be working as a team. Kill everyone on the enemy team and win the match, numbers means nothing.
PvP is not about 2 players hitting eachother to death. PvP is teamwork, leadership and skill. Nothing of these comes in as a factor in a 1v1.
PvP in Red Stone is so unique, all classes have their role, all classes is not meant to be doing the same thing. People think just because their class can dish out millions of damage per second, other people should be doing so aswell. No.
I know someone that didn't even think a tiny bit about PvP when I first met her, she had 1 thing in mind; grinding and getting as much damage as possible. And I tell you, she did quite well too.

If you dont PvP, why are you playing Red Stone? Please leave a comment and tell me why you play Red Stone.

(You can always be anonymous!)


  1. I play RS to be the best; there is no definition of which aspect of gameplay makes someone the best; however as I see the progress of my character I derive satisfaction.

  2. I play Red Stone to ask Deadly for GvG. Not for GvG itself but to ask Deadly for GvG.

    1. Jose "Inspirit"January 21, 2014 at 8:57 AM

      same i ask gvg to every1 and everydayxD

  3. The main point of this game is not only GvG FOR ME.
    I was trying to set Gv as hard as possible, and actually I tried to make -200 limit GvG thing until 6~7 month ago. However, after I retired RS once, I changed mind. I still feel enjoy to do GvG, meanwhile, I like to do item hunting, chating, and plvl as I do GvG. :D

  4. If you dont PvP, why are you playing Red Stone? Please leave a comment and tell me why you play Red Stone.

    Butch here, and i can tell you right now that PVP is always better with friends, but that said i find myself doing far more pve than pvp because 1. I need to level and everyone knows this xD 2. i enjoy redstone in general. its the only game where you have pure freedom in making your character without the game saying "Hey dummy! your doing it wrong, If you want to make a knowledge monk you can (but probably shouldn't) and i also enjoy trying the things that the larger part of the community doesn't want to mess around with, like knowledge wolfs and health squire's pure damage necro! If i wasnt meant to be able to the game wouldn't let me. ~~ I figure if you want to "Play" a game you should approach in a casual manor. Where you wind up from there is entirely up to you, so don't force yourself to be like everyone else. ~~