Prinya: Stock up on Supplies

Jan 7, 2014

Stock up on Supplies

It's always good to stock up on the supplies of spheres, power kits or minipets during a sale, helps OGPlanet and yourself. Even though you spend alot of money in one go, it can also mean that you spend less in the long run if you're planning on playing Red Stone for more than just this month :3


  1. and it can also mean that your parents have too much money to give to such a spoiled brat

    1. Every cent I have ever spent on Red Stone has been from my own pocket.

  2. your parents pocket that you call your own*

  3. Replies
    1. Even if her parents did give her the money why does that matter to you?

  4. Peoples that say those things just say cuz they prob cant do the same u can, prii. xD
    Wish i had some extra to buy kits tho, gz to you.
    Cya! :D