Prinya: Prinya Update #7

Jan 2, 2014

Prinya Update #7

Items broken

Screenshot from Prii vs lordoshadow 1v1

 Shukuteki taking GH5 from FRESh

Shukuteki straight to GH5

Prii +103 skills

Annihilation of FRESh

 During the event a few months back, we kept healing the mob with Demon charm & Mage heal. Took an hour before it died because of people trying to kill it.

Faving up FHP/FCP and then server crashed. Lost everything :(

Rooney jumping up in the air! :3                            Erina stealing all the loot!!! :(((

Point War with FAMOUS, back in action.


And last but not least, GD7 for myst stones :3

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  1. lol i feel like u took that ss just cause i said i was a stupid american.
    btw... Welcome back prii ;)