Prinya: NyaDiary: Chest Hunting

Jan 29, 2014

NyaDiary: Chest Hunting

Dmgx2 Sword!!! Extract 150% Harmo onto this and mix mix with DXU sword!
hmmmm w^^w

Dmgx2 Lance!!! again add 150% harmo and mix mix w^^w

CP Bonus x2...what if i upgrade this prefix and......but max CP bonus is 8%...
8%x2....mmm meh :333333 ->destroy


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  1. NyaNya~~Don't take my idea which is two damage O.P+150% mix with U item xD
    However, I'm fine that u make someone's interested to buy them, because I don't think that someone who is in this server can pay 11times x 500m for MQ xD

    Good Luck making good Guild