Prinya: NyaDiary: Chest Hunting 2

Jan 31, 2014

NyaDiary: Chest Hunting 2

Today I got quite many chest items :333333 but didnt get what I want T___T
As usual....the spear DX that is no longer useful >_<

Add harmo and....mix with horn composite bow perhaps?:333

WHY DO NPC SELL 20% ATS!! if not then I could have sold this for prefix >___<

Again...useless w^^w

3 op:O but useless....well block still useless :x

worrior 35%!!! but .... worrior dagger everywhere in market now ._. like.....Mini Crimson Hat nx.......anyone want it?w^^w


  1. You should try 3 frame on spirit using Possess Hawk and Weak Spots. 40k x4, 3 Frame :DDD

    1. OR do the same but with champion :3

    2. I thought it would be cooler with a spirit since it's a 100% crit. I didn't fully test it though but when I used it, I did 150s all crits in GvG.

    3. Good luck getting 3 frame on spiritualist though :3