Prinya: 100 GvG

Jan 22, 2014

100 GvG

So Erina and Gawain came up with the idea that we should do Lv100 GvGs.
Our plan is to get more people doing this by streaming it and giving people an idea of what it is. At level 100 I think everything should be more balanced than it normally is, having to use only 1 or max 2 skills and no x3 gear. If you wanna join us feel free to pm me or NyaNya for Shukuteki guild.

- No badges will be allowed.

Heres our characters in the making, they are just prototypes at the moment, we will finish them up and get ready to GvG Gawain :3

1 comment :

  1. 50 players 100lv vs Gawain? xD
    Well, I said -100or200 is good idea, but I don't think I will be GM to set it, because I'll be inactive since next week(class start), so I'll willingly join someone's Guild ( ^^) _旦~~
    If someone make Guild for -100 or 200lv, pm me. I already have char for -100 and -200 GvG