Prinya: Best In Slot - Princess

Dec 22, 2013

Best In Slot - Princess

Belt - Knights Belt

Insanely good defensive belt.

Best possible prefixes:
1/2 luck
1/2 health

Earring - Freedom Empress

Arguably the best earring for princess, 125 knowledge competes with Breath of Goddess +3 skill. Knowledge is far superior stat in PvP though.

Best possible prefixes:
100% hp
1/8 knowledge

Armor - Vital Seeker

Best possible armor for princess, gives everything a princess needs and more.

Best possible prefixes:
100% hp
150% defense
50% all resistance
9% avoidance

Sling - Fly Catcher

Insane range on this extremely low level sling with almost no requirements. And got everything a princess needs, attack speed and accuracy and low base attack speed.

Best possible prefixes:
35% attack speed

Bullet - Semtex

Lower fire damage than Gasoline Bomb Ultimate. However, cold attack and knowledge makes up for it. It can also have 3 prefixes instead of 2.

Best possible prefixes:
19-26 wind damage
7-13 fire damage

Crown - Florence Circlet

The ultimate circlet for princess.

Best possible prefixes:
1/2 knowledge

Necklace - Stray Stalker

Extremely good necklace, accuracy & skill level. Together with Fly Catcher this will give you 22% accuracy (1/5 chance to always hit your target no matter how much avoidance your target has).

Best possible prefixes:
1/2 luck
+4 skill level
100% hp
20% attack speed

Bangle - Brief Marker

Gives you good base wisdom and knowledge. There is not many good bangles for knowledge classes. Brief Marker is the best though.

Best possible prefixes:
avoid ignore (if you dont have vital seeker)
35% attack speed (hard to get)

Boots - Golden Boots

Gives you high amount of skill level. Other boots would be Big Burglar Shoes, Spirit of Commercial or Trap Revealer

Best possible prefixes:
1/2 alacrity
1/2 luck

Rings - Sting Lullaby

Luck & skill level, best possible ring for princess. Also possibility to get +2 skill from a single ring.

Best possible prefixes:
40-50% all abnormal resistances
20 knowledge
60-70% abnormal resistance
80-90% fatal blow resistance
80-90% curse resistance
80-90% dropped system resistance
80-90% decisive blow resistance


  1. Just so you know, there is no such thing as "Ignore Resistance". Anyone with any of these items could show you that it is weaken, you just have a bad translation.

    1. I translated it myself, and I think it's a much better translation than what we have ingame.