Prinya: Prinya Update #6

Aug 13, 2013

Prinya Update #6

Doing GSD6B with Mama & Pops at level 655, epic exp!

Siege War with Ichigo Ichie on Inspirit at 07/27. Successfully defended the gh so Yama san could continue to do guild dungeon :3

Guild War with Ichigo Ichie vs FRESh on Inspirit at 07/27. 
Items and level is not everything in GvG, what matters is teamplay, strategy and leadership.

Showoff street stall with one of the most rare items in the game.










Finally after 13 tries I made them T__T

Back in Molinar 6F SD :3 doing what I love <3

Finally we did Molinar 6F sd with no Yama san or priest :D

Getting back gh5 again C:

Damage increase from last time :3

Running sd with a full party first time in forever.

Failed upgrading my boots, first try. I'll get it next time :3

Dropping Chain Square[NX] and wide rope in a single mob, like a champ.

Siege War build for NyaNya 08/11.

Bell + Power Hour + Power Kit + Berry + Vampire Kingdom Secret Dungeon = Awesomeness

Second last boss in Vampire Kingdom secret dungeon with Yama san, NyaNya & Prii :3

Guild dungeon is almost the same as Vampire Kingdom.
4 Levels from SD.
3 Levels from GD.
1 Day.
1 Hour.

Erina (NyaNya) whispering me while I was afk for 9 hours (working) <3

Bought a 38% all resistance prefix for 90m, gonna put it on a ring later and with a little bit of luck, awesomeness.

And here we are, from todays SD 08/13 :3 hope you guys enjoyed, please leave a comment x)

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