Prinya: Update on Prii & NyaNya

Jul 11, 2013

Update on Prii & NyaNya

First off, I'm sorry I haven't wrote much lately, I've been quite busy. I've been working for 9 hours per day and have almost no time to play Red Stone. But heres an update on our characters.

Like most of you guys who read our blog know, we are both 4th rebirth. We did some extreme grinding during the last power week. We got around 150 levels (609 to 706 then rebirthed, 556 to 605), which is almost 17 levels per day. Which is incredible if you are at our levels :3

We had a gvg versus the new guild "Underworld" we can say they were unfortunate to get slaughtered by the fury of Prii. We also moved to Twilight as you can see. I enjoy them quite alot, everyone is like a family & helps each other alot, sometimes it's a little bit too much though, like rules etc. And the "ding" in guild-chat can be annoying sometimes.

We've been doing SD and GD every single day for qutie some time now, and me & Nya can finally solo every single GD we've done. The screenshot is from the power week a couple of minutes before bell rings.

Something happened during the power week, I'm just gonna let this image speak for itself.


Doing Vampire Kingdom secret dungeon :3 I loved it, the exp from mobs & the ending exp is riddiculous and the dungeon is so much fun.

GD6 with Senban and Machine :3

Still grinding. Forest of time turtles.

Ding 700 :3

Still grinding. Forest of time chickens.

Third rebirth and grinding continuing after, now Store 2F is too easy for Nya :3

Same day, still grining trying to get 600. This time during bell inside GD5 with GodoftheGreen, Tenacious and Velocity.

Saturday, we kill Muddog(?) with a level 269 mage and a wisdom princess :D

Moved on to Motel 2F again, exp is riddiculous with treasure chest bonus, power kit, bell and power hour.

Ding 600 the day after we rebirthed.

Doing fourth rebirth quest, took us so long to get those stupid things in Garkas Devil Army Base B2.

Ending with a damage check, 83900.

Hope you guys enjoyed :3 please leave a comment x)

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