Prinya: Princess Queen of Shapeshifting

Jul 15, 2013

Princess Queen of Shapeshifting

Dress Power
Learning method: Princess passive specialization. Skill is automatically acquired when learned.
Skill: Critical strike chance of shapeshifting skills increased by 50% of base armor.
Remarks: Skill Level: Passive
Passive EffectsIncreasd critical strike chance of shapeshifting skills based on 50% of base armor.

Special Weapon Changer
Skill Level: Level 2
Requirement: weapon changer [50]
Skill Description: Changes you into a specified party member's weapon for a while and lists you in their inventory. The efficiency of the weapon differs depending on your wisdom and level. You can also use various skills while weapon changed.
Level1 (+0)1 (+1)1 (+2)1 (+3)1 (+4)1 (+5)...Uniqueness
CP consumption90.091.593.094.596.097.5... 
CP charge000000... 
The duration (in seconds)525535545555565575... 
Increased damage
(Max 100%)
CriticalHolders critical strike chance increased by 30%.Added on top of holders critical strike chance.
Crit SpellHolders magic critical chance increased by 15%.Added on top of holders magic critical chance.
Property DamageEach property of the Princess resistant * 25
(4% 4% * 25 = 1, if one point of the property damage)
Kinds of weaponsWeapon is based on level of princess and level of the holder. 
Etc.If holder moves to another field, princess will automatically be removed from inventory.
RemarksWhile weapon changing, [Throwing Bottle (for shapeshifter only)] [Potion Presentation] [Throwing Medicine] [Flower Shower] [Spreading Candy] may be used.

Together Rabbit Habbit
Skill Level: Level 1
Required skill: disguise as rabbit [50]
Skill Description: Temporarily disguise yourself as a small rabbit, avoiding all physical damage and monsters ignore you.
Level1 (+0)1 (+1)1 (+2)1 (+3)1 (+4)1 (+5)...Uniqueness
CP consumption5. 
CP charge10.010.210.410.610.811.0... 
The duration (in seconds)105107109111113115... 
time (seconds)
706968676665... Minimum 60 second cooldown.
Side effect100% of the target for attack avoidance, and a range of magic that can be attacked 
RemarksIf a target is within 5m range of the Rabbit, theres a 50% chance to turn the target into a frog for 10 seconds. (33% chance for semi-boss+)

Skill Level: Level 4
Skills needed: Fatness [50]
Skill: Transform into a large princess, bouncing and rolling over your enemies.
Level1 (+0)1 (+1)1 (+2)1 (+3)1 (+4)1 (+5)...Uniqueness
CP consumption210.0213.0216.0219.0222.0225.0... 
CP charge000000... 
Physical Damage200%204%208%212%216%220%... 
Increase in defense120%122%124%126%128%130%... 
the duration (in seconds)
Attack Speed ​​(seconds)1 second(Down from 1.2 seconds.)
Chance of enemy attack50% 
duration (seconds)
0.5 seconds 
Attack Range (m)1.5m 

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