Prinya: Prefixes!

Jul 24, 2013


Like most of you guys know me and NyaNya is on top of the prefix market a the moment, we're planning on making every kind of prefix possible to get for a good price, at the moment we have;

So if you are in need of prefixes, you can always pm us ^_^ or just comment in this post with your ign and we will contact you :3


  1. So this means you have 50% speed for sell right now¿ Or soon n how much ign:BlackFang

  2. Hey prii and nyanya i got something to show you, i dont know if it is some kind of joke or something but i think you should know.

    it is a totally clon of your blog like i said i dont know if is a joke between you guys. have a nice day. oh btw, ¿do you have plans on making any more guides? a wolf one would be nice :3