Prinya: New layout again! :D

Jul 23, 2013

New layout again! :D

So I've been working on a new layout for the blog :3 I love it so much. Worked so hard on it, every little detail has to be perfect. Also got to use 4 copyrighted images by Shimuka. Check out his work, it's awesome! But remember, all of his images are strictly copyrighted so if you want to use them you have to ask him first.

Still trying to figure out how to put a second background to the left of this text, a background can only be 300kb and the princess to the right is already 250kb so it's kinda hard, but I guess I have do to some CSS coding later (which I havent done in forever).

We're gonna try to blog more soon, I'm currently working 9 hours a day so I can't be on as much as before, but I'll come back in 2 weeks. NyaNya is on as usual though.

By the way, my screenshot folder is bigger than Red Stone folder itself :D

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