Prinya: Ichigo Ichie

Jul 28, 2013

Ichigo Ichie

Undedited video, Red Stone music.
I just wanted to post this because this is a good example of how strong teamplay, coordination and skill is in Red Stone. Even versus the strongest characters, well. Watch the video to find out.


  1. I notice in your video you are using a sealed ball of dawn. What exactly does it do?

    1. Ball of Dawn is not used in this video. However, Inspirit have one of those in his inventory for some reason.

      Let's say you going to rebirth down to level 1, you can buy a Ball of Dawn which lets you use any items with level requirement under level 400. Very good for tamers when they rebirth down to 1 at 3rd rebirth. Hope this helps :3

    2. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work on eternals though