Prinya: The Carrot of the past

Jun 5, 2013

The Carrot of the past

As most of you guys who read this blog knows, there has been alot of hate towards me on the forum lately. While I understand why this is going on I'm gonna settle this right now.

I know I haven't been the best person in the world over the last couple of months, but there are reasons for that. Some are personal and some are from the game. Mostly it is because I've been really depressed irl. Stuff have happened that I don't know how to fix anymore and it's only getting worse. I hope that I can make up for being such a jerk to some people.

There are also reasons like, trolling. People love to troll me ingame and on the forums and I usually fall for it very easily and it makes me want to troll or taunt them myself.
I'm not a troll, I never want to be a troll. I make stuff that helps people, I want people to look up to me and say "Damn, I want to be like her." I don't want people to remember me as someone who gets favotised by the gamemasters even though I don't really agree on that one. Lots of highly respected players within the Red Stone community think so. 

I has come to the point where I cancelled the deal I had with OGPlanet on getting a 15 days gate globe and 15 days wildcat carpet for every guide I make. I hope this stops some of the trolling on the forum and makes the game go forward and as lots of people know that Red Stone is in a bad position right now and I was only trying to help. I will continue to make guides when I feel like it though.

As for the game, I will always support everyone in Red Stone, the players and the gamemasters. I will always answer all your questions even if there is about 3-4 people pming me at all times. No questions go unanswered.

I hope that people continue to support me and I will support the people back.

- Bomina.

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